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UnCategorized There are businesses that run .pletely out of a backpack. Many of them are consulting type organizations that offer project-management training courses worldwide. They teach business clients how to meet goals such as developing a product, launching a website, or reaching a sales quota. Most of the work is done in developing countries where .mon luxuries such as hotels, are minimal. Most of these business owners don’t even have an office, or even a main business residence here in the US, all they have is a backpack. What they’re able to carry and do with their backpacks is pretty amazing. .mon items found inside a typical backpack for these business owners include: 1 laptop, Blackberry cell phone for business, personal cell phone for family and friends, iPod for music, and many carry GPS gear for traveling purposes. .monplace items include magazines, books, emergency food and toiletry items. Depending on the business, additional gear is also carried such as video equipment, and sleeping gear. Some individuals will carry a second backpack with recreations items. Swimsuits, hiking boots, towels, sun tan lotion and more, are just some of the popular sport-related items. Working out of a backpack allows the businesses to connect with clients and colleagues from almost anywhere. Many have conducted webinars for as many as 1,000 people from a trailer parked next to the house, or negotiated multi-million dollar contracts while sitting near a beautiful waterfall. With the advent of the internet wireless card, business meetings, email, and more can be conducted wherever there’s a cell phone signal. HR related activities and accounting can all be web-based, meaning you’re able to hire employees, print checks, and handle all benefits information from your laptop. Important documents from anywhere in the world, can easily be scanned into the .puter using digital cameras. There are software programs that organize and clean-up scanned images and makes them email-able and available for print. Electronic signatures are used for signing purposes, will help to eliminate the need for printers. The best part of carrying a business in your backpack is the adventures and memories created as you travel throughout the world. Imagine traveling from England to New Zealand and up to Alaska, experiencing the local customs and climate. After a few years of such an active lifestyle, your backpack would be.e a treasured memento. So give it a though tonight and see if you’d be able to run your business out of a simple backpack. Doing so, would probably be.e and exciting adventure! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: