Dalian eleven during the hospital visits arrangement splitit

Dalian "eleven" during the hospital visits to arrange "eleven" holiday is coming, to remind you whether traveling or at home should pay attention to food hygiene, not overeating. To the rule of life, especially those who have basic diseases, physical discomfort to timely medical treatment. At present, the "eleven" period, the city’s major hospital visits to be published. The First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Department of cardiovascular department, three hospital, Department of infectious diseases, Quanyong: October 1st -10 month 3 days of outpatient rest; October 4th -10 7 patient returned to normal, no expert diagnosis; October 8th and October 9th according to the normal work of the sunrise flat diagnosis, no expert diagnosis; two (excluding cardiovascular hospital): October 1st -10 7 July October 8th normal rest time; a (Changchun Road), three emergency department of cardiovascular hospital, 24 hours clinic. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, October 1st -10 month 3 days: Outpatient rest; October 4th -10 7: fixed expert outpatient visits stopped, according to the qualification registration open normal; October 8th, October 9th: doctors for diagnosis and fixed according to the qualification registration examination were normal open; 24 hours emergency clinic, expert outpatient service during the holidays are parked at night. Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Dalian University were flat: October 1st -10 month 2 days morning visits, October 3rd -10 month 7 days all day long visits; expert consultation: October 1st -10 month 3 days Tingzhen, October 4th -10 on the morning of 7 visits; shipbuilding division, Department of orthopedics Emergency Outpatient Department of orthopedics specialist, the Festival is often visits; 24 hours emergency clinic. Convenient outpatient tingzhen. October 1st, Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Dalian University -10 7 outpatient clinic (excluding normal Department of traditional Chinese Medicine), anorectal outpatient specialist visits October 3rd morning; Department of traditional Chinese medicine; 24 hours emergency clinic, convenient outpatient clinic normal. The Central Hospital of Dalian city in October 1st -10 month 3 days: outpatient visits for a long time; October 4th -10 month 7 days: outpatient emergency all day long time; 24 hours clinic, functional check as usual. Dalian friendship hospital outpatient clinic of normal, non expert diagnosis, emergency 24 hours clinic. The second people’s Hospital of Dalian city in October 1st -10 month 7 days: Department of traditional Chinese medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, medical science Tingzhen, October 4th -10 7 outpatient clinic, other outpatient departments in normal time; October 4th -10 7 Department of orthopedics specialist clinic, diagnosis experts Tingzhen; emergency 24 hours clinic. In October 1st Third People’s Hospital of Dalian City: internal medicine clinic, outpatient surgery, gynecological clinic, ophthalmic clinic, tumor outpatient Tingzhen; October 1st -10 month 4 days: the outpatient department of Dermatology, dental clinic, ENT outpatient Tingzhen; expert diagnosis, refraction center, Chinese medicine out-patient clinic, outpatient department of Pediatrics, radiotherapy, convenient outpatient Tingzhen during the festival. 24 hours emergency clinic. The Fourth People’s Hospital of Dalian相关的主题文章: