Designer Frames Sans

Eye-Care Designer frames sans prescription? It works for the beautiful Penelope Cruz, who admits to changing a pair of prescription specs that she received from director, Woody Allen into plain glass spectacles. Woody was admittedly enamored by her beauty, so much so he stuttered through a shoot that they did together recently. Some believe that wearing plain glasses is a slap in the face to those who must rely on prescriptions in order to have good vision. Glasses have become such a fashion statement. Even individuals who wear plain old readers can find them in all shapes and sizes in very upscale stores and yes, even discount stores such as the dollar stores found in most American towns. There are even websites devoted to glasses exclusively sans prescriptions. Who knew that this would continue to be a trend years after it started? Years ago, it was considered gauche and in poor taste to be seen wearing glasses for the sake of wearing them when one did not need a prescription. Today, they have become the fashion statement and accessory seen worn by stars and everyday people around town. It is not just the likes of Penelope Cruz who are taken with the idea of beautiful frames to accessorize their faces. Drew Carey recently underwent laser surgery and continues to wear his black spectacles sans prescription, as they are a part of his signature look. Everyday citizens are flocking to stores in search of plain glasses. Men and women are on the hunt for the perfect accessory and not just one pair several pairs to complement wardrobes of varying styles: evening and formal attire, business wear, students, and job hunters they are all seeking the look that comes with a pair of smartly fashioned lenses. What better gift to give than a pair of designer sunglasses, eyeglass frames with plain glass or even prescriptions? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: