Double eleven home electricity supplier new gameplay iptd-651

Eleven Home Furnishing double double play to become a new electricity supplier for the eleven, improve the performance of the stimulus brings, let more and more brands to join this battle, for easily fatigued consumers, for the promotion of normalization of the Home Furnishing enterprises, marketing innovation is a great tool to attract consumers. In this year’s double eleven Home Furnishing battle, enterprises which have novel promotions? Beijing morning news reporter conducted a comb. 24 hours to 24 days a year season off-season variable "double eleven", a 24 hour shopping Carnival to make netizens crazy, and this year’s "double eleven", a number of electronic business platform will be "24 hours seckill" into a "twenty-four Day Carnival", is the beginning of autumn into winter the Home Furnishing promotion season, a variety of promotional activities continued for several days, but also led to the continuation of the Home Furnishing consumption in a certain extent, the scale from the previous one-day consumption behavior to this year’s "consumption season", in the traditional Home Furnishing consumption off-season has opened up a new marketing idea. In recent years, the Home Furnishing business platform for the protection of consumer rights is becoming more perfect, consumers in the autumn and winter decoration will be able to operate, but also to avoid the traditional consumption season, the price is more affordable, thinking in the Internet, this "24 hours" to "twenty-four" upgrade is actually off-season change season consumption inertia guidance, the actual effect is to be further check. Marketing entertainment star + net red broadcast this year, Tmall double eleven, star + net red live way to become a lot of home brand touted new gameplay. According to Tmall official statistics, "double eleven" period, the total number of broadcast platform will be more than 60 thousand, more than 600 international big. For example, this year "double eleven", TATA wood invited well-known star Song Jia to help out, add weight to its growth performance. Optima Tmall in the "double eleven" period will be invested, Wang Han invited Hacken Lee and Meng Fei live in Guangzhou, Guiyang, the Wuhan three big venue through interactive multi screen broadcast, let consumers clearly understand the Optima high quality cabinets. "Live at any time, anywhere, free" can be said to be the "double eleven" xiangbobo, many brands have Home Furnishing played live, such as Lin Wood please Li Yifeng participated in the "pet you home" live interactive activities; KUKA "fan tore wild gourmet" and "Xiao Xiao drive to live all friends, Home Furnishing variety large coffee Wong Cho Lam", Wowkie Zhang "live together Jalam about sleep great teacher"; Aupu invites William Feng to boost Aupu air heating technology and double eleven marketing activities. Innovative ideas into online marketing as the only non standardized online shopping, large furniture products in this year’s "double 11" what promotions and benefits? Beijing morning news reporter saw in the Tmall mall, the pre-sale is the current electricity supplier furniture commonly used gameplay. The Tmall 2016 is a decorative decoration fair offers a full house custom double eleven exclusive privilege for consumers; Sofia introduced this year, 99 against 200 pre-sale pre-sale activities, with memory pillow, washing machine and other gifts. All you Home Furnishing, Huari Home Furnishing, Lin Wood and other brands of 99 yuan in the book.相关的主题文章: