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Travel-and-Leisure Vietnam is simply a beautiful country and its carefully maintained parks and gardens add to that enchantment. When choosing from an array of Vietnam tours, select one that allows you to take a breather in one of the capital citys parks. Bach Thao Park Built by the French in 1890, Bach Thao Parks main role in its first few decades of existence (during the colonial rule) was to enhance the living environs of a cluster of French villas located around its 33 hectares of expanse. When youre in Hanoi as part of your Vietnam tours, you should know that anytime you feel like enjoying some fresh air and serene surroundings, youre only a short walk away from the Bach Thao Park. Just behind the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Bach Thao Park is a green stretch near West Lake. You can reach it by taxi or, if weather permits, by a good stroll. Bach Thao simply means "hundreds of plants" (yes, they don’t dilly-dally with these names), and indeed, it is home to a wide variety of flora. In fact, in a city like Hanoi that is getting more and more industrialised every year, Bach Thao’s significance as one of the city’s major green areas only be.es more highlighted. The park is also a favourite photoshoot venue among newlyweds, especially when the rose garden is in full bloom. Thong Nhat Park The best Vietnam tours would not be .plete without spending at least half a day at Thong Nhat Park. Built in 1958, the name of Thong Nhat Park roughly means "to be reunited," and hence, embodied the people’s hope for a reunification during those times of turmoil. Although not the biggest of botanical parks, at 50 hectares, its area is still significant enough to enable the park to serve its role as one of Hanoi’s "green lungs." Home to hundreds of manicured shrubs, trees and explosively colourful flowers, the park has been a favourite venue for physical exercise sessions and sightseeing, as well as training venue for certain sports. Inside the park, you’ll find the man-made Bay Mau Lake, where you can ride a boat or simply enjoy the refreshing breeze. Thu Le Park Relatively new (if things built in the 1970s can still be considered new), Thu Le Park is also called Thu Le Zoo because it’s actually a .bination of park, zoo and amusement centre. Sprawled over an area stretching out some 29 hectares, Thu Le is, therefore, a favourite stopover for a walk when on Vietnam tours, thanks to its exquisite array of flora (while the fauna are safely kept in cages, of course). If the breathtaking landscape doesn’t grab you, the general breezy and relaxed ambiance will. No wonder many photographers and artists flock to the park every day to get inspiration or simply to use the scenery as their backdrop. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: