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Fitness-Equipment Trophies have .e to symbolize recognition of a job well done. All sports are .petitive and while we emphasize that winning isn’t everything, the winning team that worked so hard to achieve that goal should receive accolades. Often times trophies are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and some go as far as 5th. It is nice to receive a trophy in one of those categories and if you don’t receive one, to aspire to that for the next season. Fantasy football has be.e a national past time every fall and the giving of a trophy to the winner for the season has be.e a coveted prize. The trophy can be as simple as a beer mug with the year and date, or as elaborate as a loving cup engraved with a spots motif logo and includes names, dates, and achievements. Football and Soccer are sometimes one in the same. In England, football is soccer. There has been debate on whether American Football should be called handball because soccer is played with the feet and football with the hands. But whatever you call it, Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and among one of the most sought after trophies. Soccer was once only majorly popular overseas, but in early 80’s started to make its way to high schools in America. By the 90’s kids everywhere as little as 4 years old were playing soccer on soccer teams. Today you would be hard pressed to find a kid who wasn’t playing soccer or didn’t at least know about it. Famous soccer stars such as David Beckham created lots of buzz around the sport and is one of the most popular with soccer players everywhere with children aspiring to be him. But what game would be .plete with a trophy. Football Soccer trophies range from gold cups to gold players on a stand kicking or head butting a ball. The best part of a trophy, especially for kids, is to see your name engraved on it with your standing. Often times if you play each year you can watch your trophy grow or standings change as you place your trophy on your shelf. Ceremonies are held where team mates get to sit with each other’s family and friends and see each other dressed in something other than their uniform. It is a time to give praise to the teams as a whole, recognize coaches and supporters and reward the best players. There are also trophies to reward other aspects of a player, other than being the best scorer. There is most valuable player, or most improved player. A trophy can be awarded for anything well done and for our best effort. The best award anyone can receive is for helping a team do its best! Article Source: RSI-FFT Fantasy Football and Other Sport Trophies About the Author: 相关的主题文章: