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Sales When it .es to mens underwear, you have tons of options to choose from. Todays men make sure that their underwear is sexy and fashionable. Some varieties of underwear are used for different purposes. For instance, for men who are in sports certain kinds of underwear offers protection. Jockstraps are also called as athletic supporter, designed for supporting the male genitalia during sports activities. Jockstraps are stylish underwear for those men who are well built. They look awesome and .fortable. They are also available in various strap sizes. It is also a great swimwear. Similarly Fashion Jocks are sexy underwear suitable to be worn as a swimwear. Swimmer Jocks are just like other kinds of jocks often covers the front and back, leaving the side thighs exposed. It generally .es in attractive colors. Hard cups are a must even for the tough guys! One can insert a hard cup into a jockstrap, briefs or shorts and it gives you more protection. These hard cups are made from solid plastic or metal, and it acts as a wall between your masculinity and your hockey stick or football cleat. These protecting hard cups are highly re.mended for at risk games like hockey, baseball, lacrosse and football. Soft cups give you good protection when .pared to regular sports jock, and they are .fortable and pliable to wear. They are made out of soft plastic or foam rubber, generally available in both brief and jockstrap styles, these soft cups are very ideal for sports like wrestling, softball, basketball and soccer. Today here are hybrid jocks which .bine the best of soft and hard cup jockstrap technologies. .pression shorts are again worn by athletes, they are form fitting and when worn it covers the sports mans waist to mid or lower thigh. These garments are regularly made from a material like spandex type that are similar to cycling shorts. The major benefits of these .pression shorts are that they will keep the muscles warm which will prevent chafing, muscle strains and rashes and they will also wick sweat away from the body, keep you fresh 24X7. In addition to these benefits, there are some evidences which show .pression shorts enhance athletic performances. Sport briefs are .fortable underwear for men and very suitable for sports wear. Sliding shorts and workout shorts .es in wide varieties. Whether you are going to a gym or relaxing at home, they are always the best. Now men’s thongs are the hottest underwear! Just a single strap at the back which goes between the buns, that provides a supportive fit. Some of the famous fashionable men’s thongs include micro fiber thongs, slingshot thongs, mesh thongs, G Strings, pouch thongs, see through thongs, fish. thongs, men’s . thongs, velvet thongs, camouflage thongs, leather thongs, Calvin Klein thongs, C-IN2 thong and Aussie Bum thongs. Mens thongs are very popular and they can be worn as a daily wear or while running or when exercising at the gym. There are also leather and rubber underwear that will surely attract women and make you look burning hot! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: