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Business Customer Service Agents are the frontline staff of the company they are who customers speak with first. Essentially, they are the voice of the company. If a Customer Service agent is professional, friendly, and can solve a customers needs, that customer will have a positive impression of the company. This pleasant experience can lead to repeat business and even referrals increasing profitability. On the other hand, if a Customer Service Agent is unprofessional, uniformed, and unable to solve a customers needs, the customer will hang up the phone in frustration resulting in a negative impression. Consequently, the customer will indeed talk about your company, but with a very pessimistic tone which can discourage customers away from you and to your competitor decreasing productivity! As a leader, it is your responsibility to train the staff with proper telephone skills and company and product knowledge as well as the requisite customer service skills necessary to excel customer expectations. With this education, you are arming the Customer Service Agent with the power to better assist customers and increase productivity creating many positive first impressions along the way! The Customer Service Representative As the leader of customer service agents, you will engage with a wide variety of personnel, different backgrounds, different ages, and different skill sets including: * The young employee who is starting his first job. * The single mother who needs a second job for additional income. * The recent college graduate who has not yet found his dream job, but needs a job to pay the bills. * The middle-age mother who has gone back to work now that her children are grown just to give herself something to do. * The business professional that has just been laid off from his real job due to downsizing. These are just a few examples. Every Customer service agent has a different story and a different reason for working. Your staff may or may not be excited to work at the company. For example, a recent high school graduate may be quite excited about his first job. Whereas, a single mother would much rather be at home with her children. It is your job as the leader to motivate everyone even the most disgruntled Customer Service Agent! Every Customer Service Agent within your staff will have different skill sets. For example, the business professional may be quite computer-savvy, whereas the middle-age mother who has gone back to work may have very little knowledge of computers. It is your job as the leader to train everyone even the Customer Service Agent who thinks he knows it all! A major component of your responsibility as a leader is motivating and training the Customer Service Agents so they are comfortable with the technological and people skills that are needed for the job. You also need to know what motivates each employee to keep them excited about being at work. Call Center Challenges As a call center leader, you face many challenges a day. Here is just a sample: * A competitive workforce for qualified Customer Service Agents * Lack of time to properly train Customer Service Agents * High turnover rate among Customer Service Agents * Technological challenges for Customer Service Agents * Unmotivated Customer Service Agents * Different skill levels of Customer Service Agents About the Author: Preparing a new roofing for your home is a main package as it is exactly where your family lifestyles and usually spends most of their time. My website: Roofing Services In Toronto 相关的主题文章: