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Mortgage-Refinance Financial professionals are conscious that the CeMAP is awarded by the Institute of Financial services. The Certificate course sticks to the exact requirements of Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC), it has been given the accreditation from the Qualifications of Curriculum Authority. It is incorporated by the National Qualifications Framework- Level 3. Above all, it is acknowledged by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as a suitable qualification to become a mortgage advisor, mortgage broker or offering any other mortgage related services. Mortgage advisers belong to the class of the high income with an adorable lifestyle. The best qualification that you need to gain is CeMAP; further the CeMAP course material is updated every year so there are no problems that you can face as far as the latest trends in the industry are concerned. The CeMAP courses have been designed in such a way that ensures flexibility as well as economical. To undertake the training you have a number of options like CeMAP full time, part time and home study. The registrations for the course can be done online. There are three modules of CeMAP training. The first module is split into two units, it is important to know the fact the candidates need to possess the adequate knowledge and an in-depth understanding about the UK financial service industry. Hence, it is important to know the fact that you look for a training institute that covers the entire syllabus, ensure that they focus adequately on the learning outcomes rather than mere preaching. Out of all the three modules, it is important, that you need to understand that this is the toughest module and you need to pay special attention on this module. The examination is a two hour duration paper with 100 multiple choice questions. The second module is split into four units and it explains about law, application, payment methods, practice policy and markets and the post completion aspects of the mortgage deals. It is important to note that you need to have proper understanding about the concepts and trends in the industry so that you can apply these concepts in the case studies at CeMAP 3. The exams are conducted online and consist of 100 MCQs 25 questions from each unit. The last module CeMAP 3 is the final assessment module, this is a comprehensive module and the learning and experiences of this module has to be applied thoroughly in this module. This module aims at analyzing the consumer state, mortgage solutions, identification of consumer needs and proper recommendations, a proper understanding of UK mortgage and financial market. The minimum pass mark is 70% in each unit of 3 modules, incase they do not get 70% in each unit then they have the option of giving a second attempt. 80% is graded as merit and 90% as distinction. The grading system is quite tough, but it is important to understand to live big you need to achieve higher standards. So prepare yourself to pass the CeMAP 1, 2, 3 all the way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: