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Business Recently, bamboo flooring started the "days of vibrating floor," launched its nothing to do with a bamboo floor and new: a cost of 10 million yuan, and U.S. experts developed plastic crystal surface flooring. This seems sounded Anji bamboo flooring .pany seeking a breakthrough in the Tiger horn. Status: quality has improved, is still accused of "non-mainstream" Popular low-carbon products, bamboo flooring can be described as one of them. Easily .pared to the decades old solid wood production, in 2034 in age of materials as bamboo can be absolutely economical use of resources. The environmental advantages of green bamboo flooring and low-cost advantages are obvious. But why most of the internal decoration were looking rather hesitation? Zhejiang Flooring Industry Association, Fang Chongrong that this is because many consumers now understand there are bamboo flooring misunderstanding. Bamboo flooring is now on the slightly worse in stability in addition to, not as solid wood flooring as Pushe geothermal, its quality and appearance have been the traditional innovation. "Before you think of bamboo flooring in the visual a ‘cold feeling’, and now developed a heavy bamboo floor, bamboo flat aside the pressure, while the bamboo for drawing, crush, etc. reassembled. .parable to wood in appearance the floor. "Fangchong Rong said," Also, the moist conditions of the South the traditional bamboo flooring easy for insects and mold, and now improved processing techniques, such as for anti-corrosion treatment, this problem did not exist. " "Spring water the floor," head of the emotion in the spring water, change the product easy to change consumer awareness difficult. He suggested that relevant departments of environmental protection shopping bag, as consumer advocates, like bamboo flooring, eventually unsuccessful. Breakthrough: In addition to the "bamboo" articles, as well as "Quxianjiuguo" The one hand, Anji bamboo flooring .pany’s breakthrough self-road movement large one. The first is to do deep bamboo article "Yongyu floor," starting from the bamboo flooring, interfere to do "bamboo furniture." Late last year, Nanjing Forestry University, Furniture Design School and the "Yongyu" .mon form "the overall domestic R & D center in China bamboo", be.e the only domestic R & D center of bamboo as a whole. To 120 square meters house for the design, decoration of bamboo flooring valued at only five or six thousand dollars, and have replaced all the furniture, bamboo furniture is worth more than 30,000 yuan. "Yongyu" this piece go deadly accuracy. In addition to a Road to go in the end, and also "Quxianjiuguo" business. Such as "days of Vibration," The launch of the plastic crystal surface flooring, to strengthen the floor 10 times more than the hardness and zero formaldehyde release of the environmental protection of broad interest, its unique water features will also be prizes to be won in the .mercial field. "Spring water" is to go from the Wood and bamboo flooring in the middle of the road: bamboo substrate, solid wood surfaces, not only the beauty of both the solid and stable than pure solid wood to save half the cost. Anji bamboo flooring business breakthrough of road also include sales from abroad into the domestic market and gradually walking on two legs. Recently, the "days of vibration" in Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places more than 10 stores opened. Currently, the leading bamboo flooring .panies in the country store are now over 500 scale. Recipe: develop "national standard" in order to promote Zhejiang province is the floor. China has four floors of all, Zhejiang accounted for 3. In 2009, Zhejiang flooring production is estimated at about 100 million square meters, production accounting for 1 / 4. Hot property in recent years driven decorative heat, currently Zhejiang approximately 15 million square meters each floor of the consumer market. Bamboo flooring has every reason to share this big cake. In the "solid wood front, after strengthening the" fierce .petition, bamboo flooring .pany is also the kind of "tonic"? Fangchong Rong said that the most effective way is to develop national standards within the industry. Currently, more than the national standard of bamboo flooring, new varieties such as bamboo and wood .posite flooring can be applied as soon as possible to the relevant authorities, to seize the industry the right to speak. This form is also one of the best publicity. In addition, to promote scientific and technological progress and regional brands Baotuan also important factors. In 2009, Anji County, specifically from the financial out more than 1000 million yuan for the flooring industry, scientific research, branding and marketing .work construction for special subsidies, and specifically the establishment of 5 million yuan of funds of regional branding. Last year in March, Anji "Bamboo flooring capital" has been a successful regional brand promotion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: