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Arts-and-Entertainment Funding Solutions for projects in the social development Sector. Fiinovation, the first of its kind initiative in the social development sector, is strategically designed to provide solutions to the .mon problems faced by the Organizations working in the development sector. Resource mobilization meets innovation here, and what evolves is a unique funding opportunity for every organization. The opportunity bank for the CSOs, we not only design projects but also provide you with funding opportunities for your organization. Fiinovation is empowered in itself to increase the productivity by 75% than the current scenario of project development in India. The accesses to the funding opportunities are refined by our experts, thus providing you with sustainable resourcing for your dream project. Knowledge of the functionality of the sector and keeping in mind the current scenario, the projects are intricately designed keeping in mind the donor guidelines thereby easing the organizations of the perplexities involved in project designing and opportunity management. Banking on the expertise of our highly qualified and trained professionals, we have an in-house research lab, wherein our professionals engage in finding efficient and cost effective ways to bring out ideas into form. Finnovation is the apt platform which facilitates effective designing and structuring of plans and programs as per the needs of the Civil Society Organizations. Backed by our strong quality process and a dedicated team of expertise in place, we alienate our strategies to your goals and deliver customized fundraising solutions. Fiinovation helps you derive maximum value from your investment by using a logical framework.We provide a full array of fundraising services. From stakeholder analysis and participation management to .plete project implementation management. We deploy and manage flexible, responsive and economical solutions.Fiinovation is strategically poised to design fundraising strategies, support project development and management, identify right partners for planned initiatives and above all raise funds for initiatives you plan to implement. Being associated with the development sector for over four years, Fiinovation is designed to provide solutions to the grass root CSOs who are apprehensive and unaware of the .plexities involved in process of resource mobilization. Health, Animal husbandry, Climate change, Education, Child labor, Livelihood, Trafficking, Agriculture, Disaster Management, Wasteland Management, Rehabilitation, Women Empowerment being our focus areas, we work in close coordination with the issues and involve domain specific experts to bring out the best opportunities for you. Fiinovation is an opportunity Bank which ensures that by its services the capacities of these organizations are not only built but also enhanced through a service delivery mechanism so that they be.e independently strong as far as resource mobilization unit is concerned. * We help non-profit organizations raise funds and streamlining their functioning by identifying the factors that impinge translation of novelty into action. * We generate ideas and innovative strategies, .municate them to grass root organizations by devising approach in project management for enhancing efficacy of development projects in different geographical and functional areas. * We adopt a multi dimensional approach for giving impetus to resource mobilization for agencies. * We streamline the flow of funds from source to beneficiaries. * We develop effective .munication strategies for our Clients. * We provide consultative services which include understanding of the existing scenario in the development sector, identification of major causes and opportunities, conducting research and analysis. * We conduct capacity building exercises for human resources of development sector. Share your valuable .ments to foster what we can do for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: