Green responded to rumors of generals it is good team coach ppbox

Green responded with generals rumors: it is our coach team good! Sina sports news Beijing time on October 28th, according to CSN Bay reports, last year during the victory parade, Raymond de Green was not a joke, rendering for him and coach Steve – Cole. In this regard, Cole and Green have said the media have exaggerated suspicion, they are very good relationship. Local time Wednesday night, the rumors spread outside he and coach Cole odds, Green said the following words: "I do not care whether some exaggeration in, because in the end, I think they are just their views. And you can’t do anything about it. Over the past few years, I realize that people are always stubborn, they will stick to their point of view, you can’t do what to let them change." "So I will never change the opinions of others, not to argue, or even to say what I think, because it doesn’t matter…… I know our relationship is what, coach Cole also understand that his teammates are well aware, it is enough for me. This is the most important…… Everything else is irrelevant to me. That’s how I look at and deal with it. I’ll look forward." The recent well-known reporter Ethan Wood – Strauss Schell wrote, referring to last year won a warrior parade the details. Green hugged Cole and said, "he’s my man. He hated me on the first day of training camp. I am not joking. He may still hate me, this is not a lie. But we’re still going to fight for the championship." To think in a game against the thunder. In February this year, Green and Cole clashed in the locker room, the outside world will spread rumors not brave generals. But in April this year to receive the best coach award of the news conference, Cole tells Green shouted: "de Raymond, don’t make any changes, if you also look at the conference. You can continue to shout at me, and I will continue to do so. This is the best. He brought the advantage of our team. No de Raymond, we will get into trouble, we will silence, too sympathetic to the. We need this advantage, every day he can ignite our emotions and anger, gradually, it also ignited the whole team." Green said: "for those who want to know the truth, our relationship is very, very…… I don’t even want to use the word I should use…… Very nice。 We communicate every day. It’s about basketball, life and family. So all is well. As I said, I really don’t care what other people think." (Chi Mei)相关的主题文章: