Guangxi people can pick up new car online arrangement 20

Guangxi people can pick up new car online arrangement of 20 reports: Guangxi owners can choose not to pull the wind does not stop plate in southern Nanning morning news online (reporter Wang Yanqun correspondent Jiang Yinglin) November 11th, reporters from the Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment was informed that in November 15th, Guangxi Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform launch vehicle the online business license qualification. The owner and the related enterprises, user registration signed in the DMV business hall or service site, registered interview is successful, you can use the Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform for 23 chariotest primary motor vehicle license plate, the expiration of the replacement and submit a medical certificate, business function. May this year, the Regional Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps launched the Guangxi Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform and on-line operation. So far, there are about 1 million 330 thousand registered users, registered users of the unit 2802, the amount of business amounted to more than 100 thousand pen. As for the masses to provide more convenient service, based on the successful opening of running online in November 8th pre selection of the number plate in Qinzhou City, November 15th, in Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin and other 13 cities officially opened online pre plate function. Each city once in the Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform on the vehicle number less than 50 thousand, for the masses to self chosen and random selection. According to reports, the online pre plate function, currently only applicable to small non operating motor vehicle car registration. The owner completed individual Internet users after registration in 8:00~23:00 during the work day, login comprehensive service traffic safety management platform (), the selection of motor vehicle service module in "pre license plate" project, and follow the prompts to pre plate. Among them, the same vehicle license plate primary user can handle a vehicle at a time, you can use different combinations of layout 20 times, more than 20 times, the system will automatically stop operation. One of the longest operation time is 30 minutes, the user to determine the number on the Internet, within the next 3 working days to the relevant vehicle management for the registration business. In addition, the purchase of imported motor vehicle owners, the traffic police department said that due to the import of motor vehicle at the time of registration, need to compare import auto verification system of national unity, such as the model parameters do not meet national standards, the traffic police department will be in the process of back office business. Therefore, suggestions to owners of the first vehicle and service stations for vehicles after re inspection business license plate, to avoid the back office business, pre plate exceeds the time limit shall not be retained. The traffic police department to remind the owners need to prepare the motor vehicle certificate, Car Buying invoice, registered users fill in this before the mobile phone number, ID, for not to live in the household staff also need to be prepared for a residence permit (or proof of residence). The user in the pre plate process, need to enter the vehicle identification code (also called frame number), Car Buying invoice information, upload photos, contact information Car Buying invoice entry, while receiving mobile phone and SMS verification code sent to the entry platform.相关的主题文章: