Harbin people touch the car accidentally touch the car actually hit 630 thousand yuan pigeon blood

The people of Harbin luxury car reversing accidentally touch a struck out 630 thousand yuan in September 20th reported hearing today the Bard of the cars on the road have grow with each passing day, a small cut small rub can hardly be avoided. 8, the reporter learned from the Harbin Price Certification Center, the first half of this year, the center has issued 798 pieces of identification conclusion, identification of the total price of 17 million 860 thousand yuan. Nearly half of these cases in the final appraisal price are more than ten thousand yuan, while more than 80% of the parties in the accident there is no commercial insurance. The loss of staff Tian Yu told reporters that some seemingly ordinary vehicles, because the stealth clothing, paint and other expensive, leading to the final price will be damaged beyond many people’s expectations, such as his bike loss record from a British import car brand Karen wallace. "A Mercedes Benz when you accidentally encountered a stop at the side of the step Karen, this touch on the 630 thousand, just for a change of the three pieces, sprayed a paint." Tian Yu said, this super car worth about 3000000, Harbin only this one, not only the local 4S shop, there are no related accessories, center staff and insurance company specially went to Beijing 4S shop for dismantling damage. Harbin Price Certification Center Director Tang reminded, if found the car is damaged, the owner can fill out the entrustment by the public security department, Harbin Price Certification Center free of charge to be scratched, injured by the vehicle insurance service.相关的主题文章: