Hefei airport prohibited consignment Samsung Galaxy Note7 to avoid risks poper

Hefei airport prohibited consignment Samsung Galaxy Note7 in order to avoid the risk of Xin’an Anhui evening news network news ( ); the recent Samsung Corp Galaxy Note7 listed only for more than a month, on a global scale has 35 causes of quality defects caused by lithium battery fire explosion accident. At present, the United States FAA, European EASA, Japan, the Ministry of land and transportation and other national and regional civil aviation authorities have been included in the list of dangerous goods Note7, prohibit passengers carrying Note7 boarding. Recently, the Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Beibu Gulf airlines have issued a document, issued a safety warning, prohibit the use of Samsung Note7 mobile phone flight crew and passengers on the plane. The reporter learned from the Hefei Xinqiao airport, in order to avoid risks to the passengers and the flight ban Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone shipments. According to the Hefei Xinqiao airport passenger waiting tube, the relevant personnel, in response to the airline, avoiding risks to the flight safety and passenger’s life and property safety, formulated work requirements are as follows: baggage handling formalities for passengers at the check-in counter, passengers must to ask whether the Samsung Galaxy Note7 device placed in checked baggage if the passenger, the answer is, be sure to ask passengers to the type of equipment to carry out full and prompt the passengers in the cabin or not start charging. In the value of the security desk desk on the card to increase the relevant security tips on the Samsung Galaxy Note7 to remind passengers in a timely manner checked baggage Samsung Galaxy Note7 removed, prohibited consignment. The check-in personnel in the inspection process, if it is found that the use of mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Note7 passengers, promptly took the initiative to promote safety risk related to the mobile phone to inform the passengers, the passengers will prevent subsequent as baggage. Li Qingxin evening news Anhui network reporter   Editor: Fang Changlin,相关的主题文章: