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Advertising What is your idea of a good advertisement? More than the faade of the material or the manner it is presented, it will only serve its purpose if it’s directed to its intended recipients. If a person understands and appreciates what’s on the ad after seeing one, then half of the process is done. This is what you should aim for when you avail of brochure printing and other kinds of services aiming to spread the word about you. Your ads must target the right market. And this can be easily achieved if you have taken time out to first know your target market before you proceed in doing all your advertising efforts. This phase can be done in two ways. You can hire a professional to break the ice and identify your customers or you can also do this by yourself. The latter is ideal if you don’t have the budget to pay for a pro. Although the results will more likely be accurate if you let a pro handle the job, you can also try to get ideal results by following certain steps. If you have decided to do your own market research, the main thing that you must remember is that you must ask the right questions. The way people respond to your queries will be the basis of your conclusion. So do it right in order to obtain more accurate results. First, ask yourself why you are doing the market research. If this is to improve on your brochure printing venture, then this must be finished for the following objectives: Know who your target market is. You must identify the people who are going to be interested with your products and services. Once you have identified your audience, you can do the right steps in order to improve your sales. You will be able to achieve higher sales if you keep on improving your lines according to your target market’s preferences. Another good way to approach this process is when you do it prepared and ready for anything. Before delving deep into the research process, you must first make sure that you know your .pany, customers and .petitors fully well. These are some of the information that you must gather about your clients, prospects and .petitors. 1.Who are your current clients and how do you keep in contact with them? 2.Who do you want to target as prospects and how do you plan to .municate with them? 3.What do you have that the other players in the industry don’t? What will make a client choose you over the other alternatives? 4.How will your clients and future ones benefit from your promotions and other gimmicks? How do you plan to capture their attention? 5.As per the .petitors, who do you think are your fiercest rivals in the industry you’re in? 6.If .pared to these .panies, what are your strengths and weaknesses over them? 7.How do they advertise? Do you have to be very different or opt to stay alike with how they do their ads? 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