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Hardware Hard disk is one of the most important .ponents of a .puter. You store important data and install software and operating system on hard drive. So, if your hard drive fails, you have to .promise important and sensitive data. If this happens you need to consult a .puter repair .pany for data recovery. In this article we will discuss how to diagnose hard drive failure. You may wonder why a hard drive fails. The hard disk on your .puter can fail in four ways and ultimately it may lead to a potential loss of data. These are firmware corruption or damage to the firmware zone, electronic failure as well as mechanical failure and logical corruption. There might also be scenario where .binations of these four types of failure cause the problem. Depending on the level of the damage it is decided whether the data on the hard drive could be recoverable or not. Sounds from the hard disk are an obvious sign of hard disk crash. If there is any clicking, grinding, scraping, be careful and backup your important data. These are signs that the hard disk is suffering or might have experienced crash. If there are any whirring sounds and your .puter fails to boot up, may be the platters spin and stop while the read write head attempts to read information off it. Can the hard disk on your .puter be detected? If yes, then probably the failure is logical. If you find that the BIOS does not detect the hard disk, you need to check the internal power connector first. Then you should also check whether connector ribbon is properly attached or not. For these kinds of errors, most .monly it is seen that the connection from the motherboard to the hard disk is not correctly done. To fix it you need to detach and attach both connectors. If still the problem persists then probably you have encountered hard disk failure. If the BIOS detects your hard drive but the .puter shuts down randomly, then you need to check for system overheat or faulty hardware. Have a look at the ventilation holes of your PC. Are all of them clear or chocked with dust and other impurities. These holes are very important as they keep your .puters temperature down. You should also clean the internal fans as well. Facing difficulties with the operating system? It doesnt load up, and displaying error messages like "invalid partition", "Missing Operating System" or something like that? If this is the case, then probably the partitions are causing problems. You should check partitions to fix this issue. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: