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Spirituality Have you often seen certain people having a way with the world? They get all what they want. Promotions go to them invariably, they get pampered with attention and the whole world waits to get a nod or response them. People with self confidence are the ones who can pull off such social stunts without having to do anything serious or breathtaking. They just appear confident. They rely on their own strengths and positive traits that help them show the world their good side in all its glory. Hence, without saying it is understood that self confidence is essential for a twenty first century individual to achieve growth in personal and professional life. Attaining self confidence will lead to growth in all aspects of life as it enhances the personality of a person as a whole. A large number of people all over the world are suffering from lack of self confidence that stands as a huge roadblock on their path to success. They are talented, possess the necessary technical knowledge and have it in them to get things done however, fail miserably in sizing up to circumstances where their individual traits have to be displayed. It is lack of self confidence that lets such people to fail when they are asked to do something in public notice. Even a slightly challenging situation like talking to an audience, addressing a meeting or voicing an opinion becomes almost impossible for them and let such chances slip away without owing them to further their future. However, all is not lost for such people. By improving self confidence and by instilling a sense of belonging any individual can raise their standards and achieve significant success in their personal life. Self confident people are basically people with enormous positive mental attitude. They take all the negative and difficult situations of life in the right spirit by looking at the positive effects they provide. They have faith in their strengths and talents and hold no worries of failure or rejection. As a matter of fact, when one lets go of the fear of failure or rejection one will be able to improve self confidence by notches. There are also personality development classes and spiritual programs that help in uplifting and reducing negative emotions that will aid in improving self confidence. The Trivedi Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been providing spiritual health and wellness programs on a global scale. The foundation has been found and established by Mahendra Trivedi, a person of high spiritual and scientific knowledge who through his divine powers of energy transmission have helped multitude of people to improve self confidence significantly. The energy transmission process is popularly called the Trivedi Effect and has immense potential in reducing negative emotions and destructive thoughts in an individual. The process has also proven to be capable of improving crop yield by up to five times and cattle milk production and health levels by significant levels. A recent research conducted in a reputed US hospital for cancer research also proved Trivedi Gurujis Trivedi Effect to be capable of reducing the drastic growth of cancer cells in human body. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: