How to wear a watch thousand million Aura soojin

How to wear a watch thousand million aura who said wearing a watch to wear expensive big watch? Now fashionable girls are the pursuit of individuality, who did not want to escape the Zhuangshan but hit the table it hit! That’s really embarrassing for real! If you don’t want to pursue a high force and want to have a niche popularity, taste and not be adjusted if you can consider starting some cheap and beautiful with a niche brand watches! KomonoKomono is a Belgian tide brand, founded in 2009, the concept of brand means "little things", that is, small and beautiful things, classic and fashion combined with the neutral wind by young people love. Design more avant-garde, color is also very rich, can choose to buy a lot of clothes with different watchband, collocation, the price of about 500~1000 yuan. KOMONO this big Dial Watch Strap cool purple collocation, full of personality. Black dial collocation rose gold watch strap, not too exaggerated nor too dazzling. The classic black watch strap with white dial, suitable for a literary cavity of children’s shoes. If you love fancy design, try KOMONO printing watchband. O sister was simply attracted by this paragraph, the United States has cried wood? Rumba TimeRumba Time is a New York based brand, designer and founder of Drew Deters and Jay Hartington is the best friend in the University, they love adventure, exploration, and decided to create this brand. Inspired by the city of New York to design watches, to reflect the modern sense of New York. The price is very close to the people, when the discount is 500 dollars and find ~ gemstone cutting dial very dazzling, elegant purple and tender pink, yellow and fresh green color, which can represent you? With the simple style of modern solid watchband, promote a sense of fashion. Black hole watch collocation is quite like the pants. Large black dial watch white shirt collocation, highlighting the mature, competent characteristics. Like the cuffs of the table friends, you can consider starting this section. In addition to the general metal material and leather material, the characteristics of RumbaTime and the rope watch strap watch, bright color and not tacky, worn on the wrist, both when the watch can also be super nice jewelry.相关的主题文章: