Huang Jingyu memories of the history of the past has been criticized by the director and staff

Huang Jingyu memories of his bitter history: who was the director and the staff at Huang Jingyu and the players in the new network in the new network on 14 September, the reporter learned that, after the audition, "Hello!" the goddess of 10 has a successful birth, officially entered the castle and began the "49 days of home exercise together", from the "quality test personality, morality, intellect, Yi Yan" by all aspects of the goddess. Today (Wednesday) 20 upcoming shows, the 10 goddesses ushered in a EQ test site open up a fresh outlook, we set the male god Huang Jingyu theories, teaching experience. As a pure Network Health National goddess develop programs, "Hello!" at the start of the 10 goddess goddess of personality, character, talent, EQ, IQ and other aspects of comprehensive assessment from the third period, continuous cultivation of comprehensive qualities of the goddess, to ultimately create a much audience favorite "national goddess". Tonight’s program, the director group opened the drama tyrants mode, in the absence of the goddess completely unaware of the emotional intelligence test for their group. In the program, the director group put forward various requirements — knowing Li Linyu of durian sensitive goddesses, she still requires many on-site drink fresh durian; Wansui recording basketball fragments NG continuously by the director to blame not professional…… The face of the director’s "deliberately", "Wansui scene had been watching the film; Lin also emotional collapse Evan Bayh, crying out. Before becoming an actor, Huang Jingyu has been a model, very dedicated, emotional intelligence quotient is very high. Therefore, as the sisters into the castle to usher in the first class men of God, Huang Jingyu in the country, became the EQ examiner. The scene, he changed his careless boy next door image, a face seriously talked about his fledgling experience. "I really think these directors have a good temper." Huang Jingyu sighed, before modeling, in certain situations, not only by the director, was also called to his face field staff also scolded, "but you can’t fall out with them, otherwise, you don’t take this road, the road is blocked". In the program, Huang Jingyu also praised Li Linyu’s devotion, "I think this is a necessary quality, may I never eat durian, but someone asked, then I want to do, I think this is a kind of respect for everyone’s work attitude." Of course, another team of Chen Haipei, also attracted the attention of Huang Jingyu with its straightforward character. It is reported that, "Hello goddess" will be today (Wednesday) at 20 points in the video broadcast.相关的主题文章: