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Hubei Chaohu man to commit suicide two times Hefei shore brother returns to save – Anhui Channel – original title: Hubei man Chaohu suicide two times Hefei shore brother returns to save if not take the initiative to ask the company, Hefei’s brother Ling Lunchun almost forgot that thing. That was a week ago when he ran into a young man. Male passenger abnormal behavior, get off at the Bank of Chaohu. Ling Lunchun always feel worried, even drove away, but the two turn back to view. For the first time, the man just squatted at the water, and the second time, the man took off his clothes and walked towards the deep water…… Passengers uncharacteristic of suspicious master remember brother Ling, it was a noon of September 23rd, he had a passenger sent to Binhu, there is a young man of more than and 20 years old, dragging luggage on the car. "He looks strange, the car just said to go to Binhu Wanda there, then go to sleep." Ling Lunchun said the passenger left a deep impression on him. Ten minutes later, the taxi arrived at the destination. Ling master woke up the passengers to remind him to get off. Who knows, the man took out 40 yuan from his pocket on the dashboard, you run around a few laps around it." Look at the man like a heavy heart, Ling master around the Lake Avenue, through the Wetland Park, the beautiful scenery of the open thought, perhaps can make him feel better. "Parking." On the shore of Chaohu, the man suddenly demanded. After paying the taxi fare, he dragged his luggage out of the car. Then, his baggage will be thrown in the street, a walk straight toward the shore of Chaohu. Ling master feel something wrong, just stay on the side of the parking. However, the man is just facing Chaohu, standing quietly, there is no abnormal behavior. Ling master laughed himself more, driving away. Worried about the risk of a man to look back two times, however, on the way back, Ling master or some not assured. "At noon, he got off the bus station away from the platform, he came to the shore of Chaohu do?" Silaixiangqu, Ling master and turned back. At this time, the man was squatting on the shore, with the hand JuShui flutter in the face, then, the man sat on the shore, and not move. Ling master can only open again. The car moving forward 500 meters, Ling Lunchun heart has not put. "You have to see what the passenger is doing, if anything happens." Wait until the second Ling master U-turn once again came to the Chaohu side, in front of all his stunned. "The male passengers have stripped shirt, walked slowly into the water, his mouth muttering, a hand toward the water throwing stones, another hand from time to time to wipe the tears." At the scene, anxious shouted: "Ling master parking here can not take a bath, you can also go inside? Is it all right?" The man did not pay attention to him, but toward the depths of the water farther and farther, Ling teacher immediately reported to the police. Spent more than three hours to save brother pleased after receiving the call after Lunchun Ling, area police station immediately rushed to the scene. In order to avoid the man out of control, the police decided to let the master came forward to persuade, and the police in)相关的主题文章: