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Huizhou Township general election   Bachelor degree or above accounted for over 60% of Guangdong channel — original title: 838 elected members of the leadership team of Bachelor degree or above accounted for more than over 60% and the new Huizhou Township leadership team members, age, gender, education level is higher, basically have grass-roots work experience. Reporter 13 from the municipal Party Committee Organization Department was informed that, after more than 5 months to promote the deployment of the city’s 53 townships have been successful completion of the general election, the leaders of the township leaders were successfully elected 838 high. In addition, the city’s 18 streets, the resort area (tourist area) CMC reference to the work of the general requirements of the township, the members of the leadership team to adjust and optimize together with the 3. 35 years old and younger cadres accounted for this year is the focus of the city and County town of the year, in the general work, Huizhou adhere to select the cadres, with strong team, and further optimize the overall function of the township leadership team. Based on the implementation of the spirit of the document on the Huizhou Province, to further refine the positions, and young cadres and women cadres, Party cadres etc., with the advantages of strong function to structure the good team. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department official told reporters that the new age structure of township leaders better. At present, the city’s towns and villages with a total of 127 young people under the age of 35, accounting for the total number of members of the township leadership team of about 15.2%; each township with an average of 2 – 3 young cadres. The city is equipped with 10 35 year old township party chief. At the same time, the township is equipped with 86 female cadres, accounting for the total number of members of the township leadership team, an increase of 1.4% over the previous accounting, each township is equipped with female cadres. 7 female cadres with the township party chief in total, an increase of 1 over the previous, gender structure better. The city’s township is also equipped with 7 non Party cadres, increase over the previous 4. The level of education of the township leadership team members have been promoted. 838 members of the township leadership team, bachelor’s degree and above (including on-the-job) ratio of 63.2%, an increase of over the previous year, of which 8 have a full-time Master’s degree in. Over 50% new members of the team promoted from inside the Party Organization Department responsible person, the general focus on the selection of outstanding cadres of the party, be familiar with modern agriculture, poverty alleviation of poverty, town planning, economic development, social management, strengthening Party building and promoting development, promoting poverty Benkang overall ability, and further improve the overall function of the team. According to statistics, 838 Township leadership team members, the original team internal job transfer or promotion of 350, the new team of 272. The new members of the team, from the new internal promotion of 149 people, accounting for 55% of the new members of the team, the formation of performance oriented, advocating hard work with the guide; from the city and county (District) units exchange 84 new people, villages and towns (street) 39 new horizontal communication, with particular emphasis on the mastery of business, quality high, outstanding young cadres, poverty alleviation project construction work experience selected to the grassroots level, to inject new vitality into the construction of township leadership. Merit selection of 59 "相关的主题文章: