Husband and wife divorced husband and wife 14 years exposed his wife another person (video) denka

14 couples divorce husband wife "someone else" exposure Lin Fang and Cui is a primary school classmate, has a similar experience after the divorce, karma and together, married and living together for 14 years. The two couples because of support for the elderly, family consumption transaction disputes, Lin Fang eventually sued to court for divorce, but her husband was Cuimou opposition, Choi said he and Lin Fang did not register their marriage, because marriage certificate is not the name of Lin fang. So what’s going on? Recently, the Kunshan court hearing the case. Originally, Lin Fang in his hometown of Mudanjiang City Public Security Bureau has a duplicate identity for Lin Li, December 2001 and Lin Li’s identity and current husband Cuimou marriage registration, after Lin Li will household moved to Kunshan to live here with a Cui is 14 years, their children has two adults. Lin Fang believes that their lack of understanding of marriage, emotional foundation is weak, both in person and living habits are not the same, especially bear Choi big man, said Choi hot tempered and often beat their abuse. In recent years, the couple have been living separate lives. They have broken the feelings between husband and wife Lin Fang, Lin Fang during September 2013 to " Lin " identity to the divorce court, the public security organ for cancellation of the registration errors caused by the household registration information, the subject of litigation is not qualified, the court rejected the prosecution. This is not, Lin Fang again to the court, the court heard the case in accordance with the law. During the litigation, both due to the division of property issues, Choi said in 2001 with his wife in the home marriage registration name for Lin Li, so in 2015 March to Cuimou home in Mudanjiang city Xi’an District Court filed a lawsuit requesting revocation of marriage certificate issued by the. Due to the name of its marriage registration, has been nearly 14 years, more than five years of prosecution, and therefore dismissed the prosecution of choi. Later, Cui refused to accept the appeal of the first instance, the Mudanjiang intermediate people’s court ruled: dismissed the appeal and upheld the original ruling. On the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant is legally valid, Kunshan court held that the Mudanjiang City Intermediate People’s court judgment ruled that the marriage certificate has not been revoked, the marriage between the two sides is valid. As Choi said to Lin Li on the plaintiff identity registration of marriage, intentionally concealing the identity, there are objective facts of the defense of marriage fraud, because of China’s marriage law provisions may apply for revocation of marriage only stress, and both sides of the case for marriage registration is voluntary, expressed as the true meaning, so it does not meet the statutory conditions of revocable marriage the two sides, and lived together for nearly 15 years, no evidence of Cuimou deceived by fraud. According to the public security organ to confirm the plaintiff Lin Fang and Lin Li Department of the same person, the court inadmissible to Choi’s defense of marriage, the relations between the two parties legally valid. After the court of Kunshan, according to the relationship between the two sides of the current marital relationship to confirm the feelings of the couple has been broken, the final judgment of the court and the divorce of Choi Lin and law division of the couple’s property. (text characters pseudonym) extended reading Zhejiang: 35 years of marital divorce wife name was mistaken roar相关的主题文章: