If you can not understand the payroll, and how to monitor the budget sugus

If you can not understand the payroll, the budget and how to supervise the Ministry of Finance recently issued the local budget and final accounts open operating procedures, to promote local government to improve the budget and final accounts. "Regulations" on the content of the local budget and final accounts, channels, forms and other provisions in detail, can be seen as the budget law and the government information disclosure regulations detailed version and operating manual". A lot of people on one of the requirements of the impression that the local government departments are required to spend money on personnel, public funds and other basic expenses, to open to basic wages, bonuses, etc.. This kind of specific to each person can feel, understand, is actually on the further refinement of the budget, that is to be accurate to the specific subject, contains all the items, rather than the usual general said "staff". Central departments and local public accounts, not only the statutory obligations, but also the inevitable requirement, which is determined by the basic political ethics. You know, the government itself does not create wealth, every penny from the public, or from public finance, or non tax revenue. Even if all fines, fees or government fund income and other non tax revenue, is charged to the public or the transfer of public resources, is public money, how to spend the money, spend is reasonable, should report to the public. And through the financial budget and final accounts, not only can see the government’s revenue and expenditure, but also reflects the government’s service concept and direction. From where the government’s money to invest, you can see what the local and departments have done things, respectively, how much money spent, and then you can see whether the money spent is reasonable, whether it meets the requirements of service-oriented government. At present, the government and the public sector to open the budget and final accounts has become a consensus, open is the norm, not public exception, the basic principles have also been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. But in practice, some departments and local public budget still regard as a burden and tasks, open content, open and open form of careless boring single channel of limited coverage. This obviously does not work, so the need for specific rules and operating norms. Operating procedures to be resolved, is how the public budget and final accounts to the public to find, understand, to monitor". In fact, the public is only a means, the ultimate goal is to monitor the government’s revenue and expenditure through the budget and final accounts open, so that the government acts visible, can supervise. The reason is simple, the Department of personnel expenses as an example, this is a big project, including the specific subjects there are many, seemingly to achieve a "fine", but in fact very rough scattered, many people do not know how much of their own wages, bonuses, naturally very difficult for spending supervision and evaluation. Therefore, the media and the public on the government books, higher requirements for financial disclosure is not put forward, but the inevitable requirement of public carp, budget supervision. The budget is not open to the public, the more open the more detailed, the public will put forward higher requirements. In this regard, the government should not be regarded as a burden, but should be transformed into a transparent government, to win the support of public support. Over the years, our budget and final accounts open level increased year by year, but compared with Hongkong and other regions specific to a meal, a chair of public strength, there is still much room for improvement. In this regard, local government and relevant departments to emulate, not quit,.相关的主题文章: