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Health Goji berries are usually found in store bought juices and other supplements as are green tea, wheat grass and other superfoods such as acai berries. However, certain methods aren’t usually approved by the FDA. Very few are 100% pure and have other herbs and ingredients (and even possibly chemicals) in them. I’d rather be safe than sorry and stick to a nutritious raw diet. Natural cures for many ailments are found within raw food. Perhaps you’ve already heard about raw foods and may be looking to supplement your raw food diet to include more diversity in what you are currently eating. There are raw recipes that I found on the web that are unique. I was surprised to find that you can buy dried goji berries and use them in several ways. You can put them in purified water to create a healthy drink, they can be added to smoothies and eaten on top of cereal or yogurt. These berries have been a staple of Asia for ages. Wheat grass can be used in many recipes including breads, bagels, pizza dough and wraps. Along with organic fruits and vegetables, whole foods and other ingredients, some really delicious recipes can be made. Don’t think that eating raw doesn’t mean that you have to be a vegetarian. People eat sashimi as well as cured/cold-smoked meats as well as other non-cooked foods. Here are ten top tips about raw food to consider: 1. Raw foods are higher quality which means you eat less to satisfy your hunger and nutritional needs. As you increase the amount of raw foods you eat, you will have more energy as well as improved digestion. 2. Raw food is more flavorful than cooked food, so there is no need to add salt, spices, sugar or other condiments (unless of course you prefer to.) 3. Raw foods take less time to prepare, so you get more time to do what you want. Even young children enjoy "making" food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can do it themselves and you don’t have to worry about them possibly getting hurt. 4. When you eat raw, you won’t burn your tongue or self anymore due to the fact food is only heated up to 116 F 5. Cleaning up is fast and easy. Not many dishes to do, let alone crusty messes. And the inedible parts can go directly to a .post pile that can help grow a garden. 6. Eating these foods can reverse or stop the advance of chronic diseases. Cooking actually creates the free radicals which are the major cause of cancer. 7. A raw food diet can stop you from catching colds, flu, measles, etc. Raw food helps maintain your health consistently. Less sugar, vitamins, minerals and enzymes all contribute to better health. 8. As long as you .bine raw foods correctly, you won’t have any heartburn, indigestion, gas or constipation. 9. It is super green and helps the environment tremendously. Food industries would change and organic gardening would be.e the way of the future. The atmosphere would be improved, reversing the Greenhouse Effect. Recycling would be global and everything that would go down the drain would be pure. No more poisons! 10. Eating raw saves people money on just about everything, from pots and pans, food and vitamins, appliances, electricity, heating gas, drugs, doctor bills, health insurance co-pays and more. How raw you go is up to you. Find out how to change your lifestyle now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: