In February 19th 10 traders are concerned about the news

In February 19th 10 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 19, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the February 19th 10 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the data from the 19 ranked 10 on Peng Bo terminal traders. 1) RMB short of capital outflows beginning Goldman RMB 2) China warned to beware of impact in the future will each working day the central bank open market operations in order to strengthen the effect of interest rate 3) G-20 conference held in Shanghai on the occasion of China policy communication has become a major problem for countries in 4) Chinese shares included in the MSCI index, 5) China Holdings 500% Bond: bond rose; state interest rates downward trend is the longest in the history of cattle debt is expected to continue in January 6) Chinese personal foreign exchange deposit record depreciation of RMB 7) tide lift residents purchase of more new media news: social capital market; HSBC Qianhai Zhong An insurance brokerage joint venture; IPO 8) Hongkong real estate industry downturn real estate developers bear direct price pressure 9) China observation update: central bank open market opens a new era of interest rate marketization and top-level design Perfect 10) China currencies: RMB against the U.S. dollar steady official said the article on volatility and reasonably stable 11) basket of Bloomberg economists: avoid increasing the pressure of RMB Chinese quietly relax monetary policy Figure 12) of the city: Chinese banks in Asia expansion efforts yet to bear fruit Chinese Daily: 13) is one of McDonald’s and KFC business Chinese the first to use the Apple Pay 14 dollars) won the continuation of the rally; South Korea’s central bank said on the depreciation of the won increasingly vigilant 15) South Korea’s central bank officials: South Korea on the depreciation of the won alert 16) traders: with the Nikkei index decline to expand the macro accounts to sell the euro yen 17) dollar weak 34 points at 6.5186 yuan 18) survey: even if the negative interest rate policy is invalid and will continue until 2018 19) Chinese traders: the central bank will be 10 billion The 7 day reverse repurchase operation 20): the update of Peng’s previous briefing: open market daily operation; external accounting for continued decline; social security capital increase into the market; Zhou Xiaochuan responsible editor: Zhang Yujie SF107

2月19日10点交易员正关注要闻 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间19日彭博报道,以下为2月19日10点全球交易员正关注的要闻Top 20,排名来自于19日10点彭博终端交易员的点击数据。 1) 人民币空头认为资本外流刚刚开始而已 高盛提醒当心人民币冲击 2) 中国央行今后将每个工作日均开展公开市场操作 以便加强对利率影响 3) G-20会议上海召开之际 中国的政策沟通成为各国眼中的大问题 4) 中资股纳入MSCI指数 贝莱德增持500% 5) 中国债市:国债涨;国君称利率下行是趋势 史上最长债牛料将延续 6) 中国1月个人外汇存款创记录 人民币贬值掀居民购汇潮 7) 大中华媒体要闻更新:社保增资入市;汇丰前海合资券商;众安保险IPO 8) 香港房地产业低迷 地产商承受直接降价压力 9) 中国央行观察更新:公开市场开启新纪元 利率市场化顶层设计再完善 10) 中国汇市:境内外人民币持稳 官媒文章称兑美元波动而对篮子稳定合理 11) 彭博经济学家:避免加重人民币压力 中国悄然放松货币政策 12) 看图论市:中资银行在亚洲扩张的努力尚未结出果实 13) 中国日报:麦当劳与肯德基是中国最早使用Apple Pay的商家之一 14) 美元 韩元延续涨势;韩国央行称对韩元贬值愈发警惕 15) 韩国央行官员:韩国对韩元贬值提高警惕 16) 交易员:随着日经指数跌幅扩大 宏观账户卖出欧元 日元 17) 人民币兑美元中间价调弱34个点 报6.5186元 18) 调查:即使负利率政策无效 也将持续到2018年 19) 交易员:中国央行将进行100亿元7天期逆回购操作 20) 彭博盘前简报更新:公开市场每日操作;外占续降;社保增资入市;周小川 责任编辑:张玉洁 SF107相关的主题文章: