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Zhongxiaoxie 30 tourist routes survey: 100% with " " was shopping; – Anhui channel — original title: Consumers Association survey of 30 tourist routes: 100 " " was encountered; shopping; China Consumers Association released October 9th 2016 travel service experience investigation report. 30 tourist routes, part of the line service was better than last year, but the situation of breach of contract, compulsory consumption, change the line, black tour guides, scenic environment health problems still exist, including shopping links is a prominent problem — on the eve of national day, China Consumer Association held the domestic tourism service experience survey, mainly in for the first time last year to experience the 30 tourist routes in the investigation of poor performance. A survey released in October 9th showed that the scenic tour guide service has improved significantly, but forced consumption, shopping, travel route change induced problems are still serious, 30 lines of experience who are represented in the tourism process suffered a promotion, the proportion reached 100%. According to the China Association of goods services supervision department director Pi Xiaolin introduction, the survey found that 22 typical problems involving safety, contract violations, violations of mandatory spending, tour guide, lack of management, rules of willful serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of tourism consumers, and has the typical problems clues handed over to the departments of tourism. Scenic spots, tour guide services to improve the tour guide is the main driver of the entire tourism process, with the tourists throughout the travel itinerary and provide services. In this survey, as the tour guide service experience staff score of 74 was significantly higher than that of last year, the survey score (68 points), and 61.7% members of the tour guide service experience affirmed, embodies the explanation and attitude in the tour guide and emergency treatment etc.. For example, 91.7% of the experience of the tour guide to explain clearly. From the point of view to explain the content, both attractions, informative, allusions, etc., but also contains local food matters needing attention. In addition, before entering the scenic spots, tour guides will focus on the possible existence of a consumer trap. In the tour guide attitude, only 5% members have experience reflects the tour guide for visitors acrimony behavior, and words are not directly heated, but complaining tone, generally to sell at their own expense or tour guide project denied visitors in the night, such as "out of tourism are so blind, don’t know what to play is?" Compared with last year’s 6.3% tour guide words, bad attitude, has greatly improved. As a service provider, service area is also greatly improved, 35.1% experience found positive aspects in the area of services, embodied in the public facilities and security measures, such as some scenic areas are equipped with free drinking water, convenient for visitors to access at any time, a scenic part of nursery room, can be used for infants with tourists. Although the contract law does not emphasize the importance of the contract is to protect the interests of the key, but there is still no contract on the market phenomenon. 10% experience staff said that the travel agency has not signed a contract with, but by the online confirmation, electronic itinerary, single group contract. In the content of the contract, the same group of different prices, vague information and non-standard language and other issues相关的主题文章: