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Home-Improvement People normally decide to buy solar panels for home because they are environmentally friendly. There are certain basic criterions to be considered before buying a solar energy panel. The most important consideration is the energy level needed to be generated by the solar panel. We can calculate the energy consumption from the monthly electricity bills. From the electricity bill we can find out the amount of energy consumed per month. From this monthly energy consumption data, we can calculate the daily energy consumption by dividing the monthly consumption by the total number of days of that month. This data will give your daily consumption of electricity. Suppose if this panel is exposed to suns rays for 6 hours, then the panel can generate energy for 6 hours and this energy must be used to meet our daily electricity requirements. Hence, by dividing the daily electricity requirement by 6 and by multiplying the resulting value with 1.15, the value of wattage for the solar panel can be obtained. The next major point of consideration is to check the capacity of the roof. This is done so as to determine if the roof will sustain the daily load. Based on the roof capacity, we can get the solar panels for home installed by any .pany of our choice. It is advisable to choose the right .pany to carry out the installation process. The .pany must have a good reputation in the field of solar energy. One may ask for quotations from different .panies along with details about the .pany. By .paring the quotations and credentials of various .panies, we can easily find out a .pany that can efficiently carry out the process of installation. There are certain preparations to be carried out in the house before calling upon the technicians of a .pany to install the solar panel. First among these is, selecting the area where the panel should be fixed. This area should be in such a way that it gets maximum exposure to sunlight. The place where the panel is going to be installed should be free from obstacles like trees, cables etc. Though the technicians take care of the installation of the panel, it is our duty to check that the panels are installed perfectly. After installation, certain maintenance will be required by the panels and it must be taken care of. The panel must be regularly cleaned with soap and water. It is preferable to clean the panel at least once in a week. This will remove the dust, dirt and other impurities in the panel. The lifetime of a solar panel is 30 years. Though the panel needs regular maintenance, the benefits associated with it outweigh the maintenance costs and makes a solar panels economical. These panels derive solar energy from the sun and batteries are present in the panel to store the energy. Thus they provide continuous power supply with no interruption. Another important advantage of solar panels for home is that they do not harm the environment with carbon emissions. By proper installation and maintenance of these panels, we can prevent further environment degradation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: