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Mobile-Cell-Phone We thought it was not right to .pare a phone with a, well, let’s call it phone-cum-tablet. We thought it would be unfair to .pare a 3.5-inch smartphone with a 5.3-inch something that is both a smartphone and a tablet and a palm-top and whatever! But then, let’s do it. iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy Note! .paring iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Note is not exactly an easy task if you think deeply about it. Both are built for similar purposes but are not of the same type. Of course, Samsung markets the Galaxy Note as a smartphone but let’s be truthful it’s really more than a smartphone. We mean, doesn’t it look awkward holding it like a phone? Sometimes, it sure does. Yet, we have here, a head-on .parison of the Samsung Galaxy Note features and iPhone 4S features to figure out who beats the other in what category. We leave the decision of choice to you though each person has different expectations. But here’s the .parison. iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy Note Usability / Handling / Form-factor We’ll begin with the basic debate. Which of these two is more usable? More palm-friendly? More focused on handling ease? Hands down, we’d go for the iPhone 4S. But wait! There are quite a lot of people that say they’re quite happy with the Samsung Galaxy Note! Well, if you put a Bluetooth headphone or an earphone that .es with the standard package, the Note would be fair enough in the handling. But as a smartphone, we think it’s the iPhone 4S that wins for a handy design and palm-friendly handling. That said, one cannot forget the fact that the iPhone (although not built for this) cannot and does not use a stylus like the Galaxy Note. Storage / Memory This is again a point where iPhone 4S scores well as long as you don’t talk much about external storage device like the microSD card. The iPhone 4S ships in three different variants and the maximum is 64 GB, which is quite a lot. The 32GB variant, which is doing a good level of sales, also boasts of a decently good memory level. The Samsung Galaxy Note features a mere 2GB storage but also .es with support for microSD up to 32GB. Although the .petition looks equally pitted, iPhone 4S, with the .plete storage option seems to have a slight advantage. Processors / Performance This is where it gets tough. The ARM Cortex-A9 on Samsung Galaxy Note clocks 1.4GHz and is as powerful as the A5-chip clocking 1GHz. Both the smartphones bring you powerful and seamless performance through the processors and the RAM. You can install quite a lot of apps and get things done faster on both the smartphones. Display / Interface We are talking about Retina Display vs Super AMOLED here. And as far as we could get in this regard, we think each is a different sphere of display characteristic and cannot be .pared directly. Still, if you are a fan of crisper display, with everything in HD, the iPhone 4S would be your option. However, HD and stuff represents videos and movies and having a higher resolution seems the best way to go. In that case, the Samsung Galaxy Note scores! The iPhone 4S .es with the 960×640 px resolution featuring the Retina Display (~330ppi), but the Samsung Galaxy Note is a mammoth 1280x800px resolution display, featuring not the Retina but the Super AMOLED, which is equally good. iOS vs Android This has be.e an inevitable point of conflict when you take up a .parison between Samsung and iPhone. iOS vs Android? That’s a never ending debate. The Samsung Galaxy Note has not yet been shipped with Android 4.0 ICS, but the iPhone 4S gets you the latest iOS 5.1. The iPhone Market brings you 5,000,000 apps and the Android is about 30% behind with 4,000,000 apps in the market. Equally pitted again? We think yes. We have already posted about the best iPhone 4S apps and you can take a look at it. The iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy Note debate should also include the discussion on the battery times. Technically, if you are a more talk-time person, the iPhone 4S scores good and beats Samsung by some hours. However, when it .es to standby time, Samsung Galaxy Note is more like a tablet. It’s gonna last quite a long time without being charged. Our verdict is simple: the iPhone 4S is for hardcore smartphone fans. The Samsung Galaxy Note is for those who wish to experiment and take a different route. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: