Is that you call back to the house of — — Institute of East Asia still is about to open sweets parade

Is that you call back to the government of East Asia is about to open a hospital delivery ceremony carefully delivered an era of return home, the eternal human cultural motif, for twenty-first Century the Chinese people, the word seems to be more exciting. Prosperity, along with the accumulation of wealth, the full blend of quality of life, constantly improve the culture and way of life, in the construction level has reflected "all for the material and spiritual, all honor not sticking to formalities to life as the center" concept. A more relaxed aesthetic, more profound self-awareness, more wisdom to look at the material and spiritual, traditional and modern, has let the wealth class has become more mature, but also to keep up with China’s high-end real estate. Born in the Beijing ecological environment quality in Huairou core area, 140 thousand square meters of building hospital in nearby the Forest Park talent environment, East Asia · Shang Yuan (real estate information) from the location, landscape planning, space design to the community building, all learn the noble life essence, present a new model for domestic peak family life. Here, the city began to return to nature, material wealth, also began to return to the spirit of the label began to move closer to the essence of life, the external and internal fix for less utilitarian. This return is the life original appearance, this is also a kind of regression after selection and experience of sublimation. And all this, will be in East Asia · after the launch of the hospital for your perfect presentation. A comfortable rest harbour, a returning home, let you feel a family is selected naoyuki. · is still in hospital, East Asia; the most honored way of life for the single form of tribute pure form, its high property, coupled with the recent frequent introduction of stringent limit supply policy, coupled with the north of Beijing has always been many villa demand extremely popular areas, make this the project become more particularly precious hot. East Asia is · with the Institute of transportation, environment, construction quality and other multiple advantages, close to 140 thousand square meters of waterfront Forest Park, only 1500 meters from the Huairou reservoir, Yanshan surrounded by perennial fresh air. Within the area of West Lake, the Hongluo Temple, the Mutianyu Great Wall goose and other scenic spots beyond count. Heavily built seven landscape projects in no way inferior to the surrounding natural ecology, more than 50% of the green area all in accordance with the "one, two, three groups" of the core concept of carving ingenuity. For many kinds of rare earth crown transplantation only to let you go out can fully feel the charm of nature. Collocation Dieshui, landscape wall, corridor and other rich elements, at the same time in the park to implement the separation of people and vehicles, only to the owners of pure single family life leisurely. C single apartment layout upcoming comprehensive delivery area of 530-560 square meters, are three floors on the ground, two floors underground. The total price of about 8 million sets, private elevator into the home, private garage can park two cars, giving about 240-300 flat private garden, in the realization of multiple valued life functions but also very cost-effective. In terms of transportation in East Asia is located in the Beijing Chengde hospital near the 14 high-speed export, around Beijing Chengde, the airport two high-speed camouflage, Chaoyang, Shunyi, Haidian directly connected region, close to Beijing road more directly to the capital airport, at 6相关的主题文章: