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UnCategorized ‘Domain name’ is an internet website address, or the URL (uniform resource locator) of a particular website. It helps in locating an organization or any other entity on the internet. A unique name and case-insensitive, it is a string of letters and/or numbers separated by periods used to identify an internet site. The domain name system maps the name of a .puter to the internet by converting the name to an IP addresses. The process of allotment of a specific domain name to an owner is known as domain name registration. Registration .es for a fee, and is done with the help of a local naming authority. The rules differ from country to country. Usually names are chosen after brainstorming a few keywords which best describe the organization or the topic on which the website is based. The name chosen should be easy to type and remember, and chosen with .., .net domains. Prices tend to vary too, hence it is advised to shop for the best deal among the many offered in the market. Domain name renewal: Domain names need to be registered if the right on the name is required. However, it is important to note that domain names are usually leased and not owned. If the owner does not renew the existing domain name within the stipulated time of the renewal, it can be taken and registered by another eligible party. Domain names can be renewed or extended at any time. One need not wait for a notice of the expiry date of the domain name by the registrar. Usually .. domain names need to be renewed every two years and .au domains need to be renewed every year. However, depending on the authority, domain names can be registered with a contract period of 1, 2, 3 or 5 years. Avoiding problems: Do not wait for a domain name expiry notice by the original supplier. These notices can also .e from .peting suppliers. The notice can be sent two months, one month and then two weeks before expiry via e-mail. It is important to keep the record of registration name details and renewal dates to avoid confusion. Check the terms and conditions of the new renewal papers carefully and attach the necessary documents. If it is from a new supplier, it is important to .pare the rates offered by the existing and new supplier; and take advantage of the great prices for renewals and new registrations. Usually for .., .org and .net there is a grace period of 40 days for renewals; after which another 30 to 35 days are given in some cases. If not renewed within these days, the domain automatically expires and is available for the public to register. Some registrars charge a fee in case the renewal process takes place after the expiry date. A contract can be again signed for the next 1-5 years. Domain name renewal is an easy process and should be .pleted in time to avoid inconveniences. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: