Is Your Life Fair Or Unfair Change Your Balance!-chompoo araya

Self-Improvement A well-balanced life is needed to round out human happiness. Not ease, not pleasure, not happiness, but a man that the world is after. "There is," says Robert Waters, "no success without honor; no happiness without a clear conscience; no use in living at all if only for one’s self. It is not at all necessary for you to make a fortune, but it is necessary, absolutely necessary, that you should be.e a fair-dealing, honorable, useful man, radiating goodness and cheerfulness wherever you go, and making your life a blessing." The principle of fairness was established by God as told in Proverbs 16:11. Whether we buy or sell, make a product or offer a service, inwardly, we know what is fair. We may be pressured to be unfair in order to advance ourselves or make more profits. No amount of rationalizing can justify any unfair business practice. Fairness is not always easy but when we listen to our spiritual voice, we can have the consistency and strength to be fair. The swiftest or the strongest don’t always win. The wise can remain poor and the skillful can remain unknown for their talents. These examples point out that life is unfair. Mankind has twisted life. This is not what God intends life to be. Do we treat others fairly? Do we base our judgements of others on appearance, false evidence or heresay? When we listen to our hearts, we can learn to be fair in our treatment of others as we expect others to be towards us. Matthew 6:22 talks about our spriritual vision. This is our capacity to see what God wants us to do with our lives in this world. Our thoughts and desires can easily cloud over this insight. Self-serving desires, interests and goals block this spiritual vison. We can restore this vision by serving our God. The Golden Rule can be found in Matthew 7:12. The laws of Moses are summed up in these words: Do for others what you want them to do for you. We have also heard this stated negatively: Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you. It is more significant when it is stated positively. It is not hard to refrain from harming others. It is much more difficult to take the initiative in doing something good for them. "When a man does not find repose in himself," says a French proverb, "it is vain for him to seek it elsewhere." Happy is he who has no sense of discord with the harmony of the universe, who is open to the voices of nature and of the spiritual realm, and who sees the light that never was on sea or land. Such a life can but give expression to its inward harmony. Every pure and healthy thought, every noble aspiration for the good and the true, every longing of the heart for a higher and better life, every lofty purpose and unselfish endeavor, makes the human spirit stronger, more harmonious, and more beautiful. It is this alone that gives a self-centered confidence in one’s heaven-aided powers, and a high-minded cheerfulness, like that of a celestial spirit. It is this which an old writer has called the paradise of a good conscience. When our faith produces honesty and fairness, we can live in the presence of God. God gives us examples of how we can demonstrate our honesty and fairness. We can reject fraud and bribes, refuse to plot wrong actions and resist temptation. When we are fair and honest in our relationships, not only will we be able to dwell with God, but he will supply all of our needs in this life. Submitted by Amelia Johnson About the Author: 相关的主题文章: