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It was the ancient lakes on the menghanyao end is what the new "Three Kingdoms" to Hua Tuo Guan guagu in Datura flower is common China provinces mentioned menghanyao, people will think of the robbery frightful to the ear. In the martial arts novels, a small amount of wine can make outstanding figures due to their inability to resist and fight, the world is really a powerful hallucinogen? It can only be used to do harm to grab the money? What are its main components? Menghanyao, interpretation from the literal meaning is to live Hamon medicine. This drug can inhibit the secretion of sweat sweat, anesthesia nerve, the muscle weakness, take after people comatose unconscious. What is the predecessor of the palace? When it is used to the beginning for his money? In fact, in ancient times, it is a doctor of surgical anesthesia. "Liezi · Tang asked" recorded in return from the art of doctor Bian Que in person to do the operation, to avoid pain, let a person drink wine ", which is in the dead state. "Houhanshu" said the doctor Hua Tuo invented the "mafeisan". The legend of "Mafeisan" is composed of Datura flower, Ukraine grass, Angelica dahurica, Angelica sinensis, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Rhizoma Arisaematis etc. according to a certain proportion. In addition, Hua Tuo also drew inspiration from Bian Que medical experience before the surgery, the wine and Mafeisan mixed together to help patients swallow wine, medicine, so better able to make patients in anesthesia, thus reducing the patient’s pain. "Poison" and "Mafeisan" is the predecessor of the palace. The earliest recorded with flowers in Datura swordsmen of the Robin Hood type coma should be the "week of Southern Song Dynasty historian. Since then, he became a famous wine, the secret weapon of the highwayman, and indissoluble bound Jianghu culture. The reason why so many people China novels crazy, I’m afraid menghanyao plays a big role. Not only in the martial arts novels in classical literature, many China, have a relationship with menghanyao heroes of the Greenwood too closely. As recorded in the Festival back in class circumvent birthday China classical masterpiece "Water Margin" in sixteenth, menghanyao will play a significant role, even has always been meticulous, cautious careful Yang Zhi Qing mianshou bowed under the strong effect of menghanyao, watched escort treasure is seven Liangshan heroes robbed. Thus, because the power of magic and inseparable with menghanyao arena, such as martial arts, from the record is not difficult to find the menghanyao characteristics: first, the drug has the nerve anesthesia effect, the resistance is very strong, after taking can quickly make people lose consciousness, lethargy, after a period of time after the return to the waking state; in addition, the drug can dissolve in alcohol, it’s in combination with alcohol use, presumably because both men love wine, because wine aroma can mask the bitter medicine of it; and wine can help the medicine, wine is wine catalyst, a dose, efficacy happened so quickly. So why have menghanyao so powerful? What are its main components? There is no antidote to be found? Rhododendronmolle (drug name: Rhododendron, Rhododendron anthopogonoides) name, is a highly toxic drug, common folk it dip wine out.相关的主题文章: