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Know the diversified exploration content realized   opportunities – the media – original title for the traditional publishing: "knowledge realization can be found ready" to view the latest Amazon free e-book sales top ten, "know almost weekly" occupy two seats. In the past only and other e-book platform download "know almost weekly" different, face reading, users of the knowledge content addresses the needs of the network answers community know peace day before announced the launch of known bookstore, open up the closed-loop, reading, communication, buy an extended discussion of digital reading. At the same time, through the online payment of digital content and interactive experience features, bringing new opportunities for the realization of knowledge. "According to the user’s attention, search, approval and other acts of verification and screening, know that e-books are welcomed by a large number of readers, sales of more than 26 million copies." Know almost Product Manager Yu Jinhui told the China news publishing radio and television reporter. Over the past 3 years, or launched a total of 175 free books, 128 of the paid ebook, and according to different reading needs and reading scene has planned "know almost weekly", "knowledge on weekly Plus" and "one hour" series and "know? Salt" series of 4 series of electronic products, to to meet the user’s demand for knowledge acquisition. The ebook is not knowledge production from known Bookstore released end point function, the known knowledge system plays a role is to make known the e-book is no longer the production of knowledge nodes but community discussion of the end point, let it, knowledge is no longer isolated in the book. "Just looking for work, and see where the poor" "I want to recommend to me in the job-hunting season all undergraduate students see the author written very well, is to teach people to write a resume of the product manager of thinking"…… "The first job book: from graduate students to professional" this "know almost weekly" download page, the user’s discussion is very warm. And this discussion is exactly what Yu Jinhui wants to see. "The book is to explore the achievements and problems of structural response, known not only to the bookstore e-book dissemination, purchasing and reading together, but also the discussion of the book, the author discuss interest together." Yu Jinhui said. Currently, users can directly know the bookstore to pay for the purchase and download e-books, and know almost APP read at any time. E-books that have been purchased or downloaded will appear in the "my bookshelf" on the personal home page. At the same time, the dynamics of e-books will also be spread through social relationships within the community, including the publication of the e-book author’s dynamics, the user’s point of praise of the e-book will appear on the front page of their attention. In addition, the bookstore is also known to support users around the book directly to discuss, as well as a key to share outside the station, to provide users with a smooth reading and communication experience. At this point, buy books, reading, and then further extend and share the knowledge in the book, the emergence of new knowledge and insights – are able to know in this closed loop to complete the cycle. In January this year will bring opportunities for traditional publishing, or joint CITIC publishing group released the theme of the book "the goddess of justice do not open eyes". The book is a line of dozens of judicial professionals know the legal issues of the reply to form)相关的主题文章: