Lanling Princess hit Hua Jiao turned the most beautiful female brains (video) t420s

"Lanling Princess" hit Hua Jiao turned the most beautiful female brains "Princess" Zhang Hanyun Peng Guanying Andy Chen "Lanling Delta Tencent SM Entertainment News recently, by Yan Shang Dongyang New Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Dianguangzhuanmei cultural development system, festival culture film & Television Fund, Beijing Xin Xin Xiang nuclear Culture Development Co., Ltd. jointly produced in Hongkong. Directed by Ye Zhaoyi, Zhang Hanyun, Peng Guanying, Hua Jiao starred in the TV series" Lan Ling Princess "in Hunan TV diamond independent radio theater broadcast. Hua Jiao plays Yan Wan angle is a vicious act to achieve the purpose of female brains use unscrupulous divisive tactics, the audience was disgusted, but Hua Jiao just perfect acting with stunning beauty and appearance, but let her become the most beautiful female brains of the hearts of the audience". "Lanling Princess" adapted from the network’s "energy-saving". About China melee for the Northern Dynasties, has dominated Qing Luan mirror secret, inside the palace between country and country, and even the arena set off a reign of terror. Orphaned female yuan Qing lock is inevitably involved in the snatch, and become the focus of the use of the snatch. The Hua Jiao Yan Wan’s was a beautiful, clever clever and extremely cruel and merciless women use unscrupulous divisive tactics. In order to take various means with sweetheart Yong Yuwen, and give people a bad feeling to the extreme. But Hua Jiao just perfect acting with stunning beauty and appearance, and let the audience love or not, the people I hate and love the feeling, let the audience address him: "the most beautiful female brains". When asked how to treat Yan Wan the female brains role, said: in fact, Yan Hua Jiao Wan role is not from the inside to the outside are bad, she just in order to get a loved one and made many people feel extremely cruel and merciless thing in your heart is a kind and gentle beautiful woman, this is his role is not hate everyone but let everyone have reason love. Not only is the "Princess" in Yan Lan Ling Wan, Hua Jiao played many roles have been recognized by the audience. Not only that, based on the novel Feng Tang youth love drama "ten spring", as you are tense shooting, Hua Jiao in the play as a pure and lovely female students Liu Tingting, strong plasticity Hua Jiao will be in the play to show the audience a different person.相关的主题文章: