Li Chen said the comic partner Yue Yunpeng Fan Bingbing taking affection sunny came home

Li Chen partner Yue Yunpeng said the comic taking affection Fan Bingbing Sina entertainment news from the Zhejiang satellite TV [micro-blog] to media, media, and joy only cultural co produced the original season broadcast comedy actually play the variety "comedy story" will be held on September 10th (Saturday) 20:30 in Zhejiang satellite TV broadcasting. In the first stage of the competition played guest, Li Chen and Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog] [micro-blog] will form a new partner "with a battle", three comic performances will open up a fresh outlook of freshly baked. The first phase of the program, they will offer new comic "because of love", in a joke in the audience to burden, feel the charm of classical love another Chinese. At the same time, Li Chen also play a boyfriend force in the program, the show into the works of love. Li Chen "comedy story" offer comic debut body coat modeled after Yue Yunpeng first challenge comic stage, Li Chen as a non professional comic new apprentice will become the primary task of the comedy career he opened. Before the contest, Li Chen full of sincerity to coach Yue Yunpeng. In the program, Yue Yunpeng friend Li Chen Pro dressed and said that due to the nature of Li Chen’s comedy adventure with competitive power, as a comedian he will be so stressed. Different from the TV drama performances, the crosstalk need at one go, two partner need particularly familiar with the special agreement to. However, some rehearsals down, Li Chen’s performances completely dispel the concerns of Yue Yunpeng, for the first time as a straight man role, grasp the rhythm was just perfect, and Yue Yunpeng with each other. In the interview before the game, Yue Yunpeng bluntly, Li Chen is very smart, he succeeded in its own truth. Small Yue Yue said the beautiful love Li Chen air show loving boyfriend to maintain sovereignty "because of love" is the first theme of the works of Li Chen and Yue Yunpeng partner Yue Yunpeng completed, as in the past to go "cheap adorable" line, Li Chen is the embodiment of the "most handsome" straight man, they will be "Meng Jiangnu" and "White Snake" this two classic love the story re shape, Tibetan burden the new beautiful love jokes. The bursting point intensive, not only cleverly popular lyrics into comic scripts in several times, causing the audience chorus, more "gourd", "Pan Jinlian" and other characters into the chaos of "White Snake", full of laughter fruit. As a straight man rookie, Li Chen in the program was no less Yue Yunpeng ridicule, and the most interesting is Fan Bingbing joking [micro-blog] that "on the intoxicating". Li Chen was her boyfriend force burst table, called: "(Bing Bing) is my love", will show a new realm. (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章: