Line 22 (Pinggu line) at the end of the start of Hebei set up a station in the 3 – Beijing Ch 519697

Line 22 (Pinggu line) started at the end of   the territory of Hebei station 3 – Beijing channel: original title: line 22 (Pinggu line) started at the end of this newspaper yesterday, announced the quality of Beijing metro line 22 (Xu Xinzhuang Pinggu) an EIA publicity section and Beijing section of Hebei. Publicity shows that the Pinggu line in Tongzhou District, Hebei province and Pinggu District, a total of 9 stations, including the territory of Hebei has a total of 3 stations, all for the ground and elevated lines. Reporters learned that the Pinggu line will start at the end of the year. According to the announcement, Pinggu line (Xu Xinzhuang – Pinggu) project east of Pinggu District in Hebei Province, after Sanhe West to Tongzhou District Xu Xin Zhuang area, overall was east-west. Among them, Beijing line length of about 32 km, with 6 stations, in addition to the underground section through the next six ring road about 2.5 kilometers, the rest are ground and overhead lines; Hebei line length of about 23 km, 3 stations, all ground and overhead lines, set up a vehicle base and overhaul base in Yanjiao. Because the EIA is the first information publicity, the specific situation on the Pinggu line of the site did not have a detailed introduction. According to previously published, the Pinggu line length of 74 kilometers, passing through Chaoyang District, Tongzhou District, Pinggu and Sanhe District in Hebei Province, a total of 12 stations, three stations in Chaoyang District to the East Beiqiao station, North Station, North Station Cao Zhuang Zi, Tongzhou District Xu Xin Zhuang station, Yanjiao station Hebei Yanjiao station, Yan Shun. Hebei Sanhe for Qi Xin Zhuang station, Pinggu station, five stations for Mafang Machangying station, Pinggu west station, Pinggu station and Bay station?. Including 4 transfer stations, respectively, in Beiqiao east station and transfer to line 14, transfer, on the North Ridge Station and transfer to line 12 at caogezhuang station and line 3, transfer station in xuxinzhuang line S6. It is understood that, as the first Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional express rail transit, Pinggu rail transit line will use a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour than the urban models, every hour within 80 kilometers of subway speed twice; in site design, station spacing widened to 8 to 9 kilometers. After the completion of the public from Pinggu to reach the city of Beijing only 45 minutes. Zhao Yingying J201 (high star, commissioning editor Bao Congying)相关的主题文章: