Liu Chaohua football team Bastia difficult to take points lformat

[network] dream team Liu Chaohua SMG football: Bastia in November 28th 0 points to the fourteenth round of the French Kniss Kniss VS Bastia hemisphere a ball Bastia recommended: Kniss 0 than 2, Kniss in the week in defeat to Schalke 04, reached the UEFA Cup elimination last match hope eventually burst, but the morale of Kniss there’s not much blow, because at the club in the game has no hope of qualifying, coach fabvre even in the last round after the end of the war in Europe said the team has been knocked out of the That’s final.; it is for Kniss to keep enough good League attention, because of insufficient depth, Kniss cope with the dual combat some reluctance, the war in Europe before and after the League performance always slightly discounted, bid farewell to the war in Europe now specializing in French, not necessarily Is a bad thing. Although the streak has been broken, but the war in Europe, only put aside from the league, Kniss’s situation is still relatively good, after the accident 3 weeks ago to Caen, Kniss in the last round of the League up quickly, the road 1 0 Lectra strong and Saint Etienne, in the scene to occupy certain advantages. Considering the strong fighting capacity of Saint Etienne home court, Kniss battle of the 3 points with very high gold content, but also greatly stimulate the team lost to Caen after slightly low morale. Although the lead like autumn so obvious, but nice nearly 8 wheel League 7 wins and 1 losses record, is still quite splendid. Forward Balotelli and guard the two main bass in this field to absent because of injury is nice loss, but the striker pleah situation is good, even more than Balotelli scored this season, he and Joseph in the central midfield week war was starting, in order to prepare for this weekend league. Unlike in the Europa League as a mere formality, Kniss to be behind the Monaco and Paris in this field will go away, and their desire to win is not comparable to the week. But after played 3 consecutive away, Kniss finally returned to the home court against them at the beginning of the season, the ball is expected to reproduce the spirit. In the home court will undoubtedly is a big advantage of nice, single league, nice nearly 12 home court made 11 wins and 1 draws the astonishing record, home court called a terrorist combat level. Bastia is one of the last 4 seasons since the French away the worst performance of the team, the last 5 League defeat at all, in fact even ability too horrible to look at; on the home court, Bastia in recent performance is bad enough: the last 9 rounds only won 1 games, lost 5. Don’t deny a long time by the injury plagued Bastia is an important cause of poor performance, the goalkeeper from, midfielder C U Zach and Danic striker, defender Bifuma ban, Erika UTA and midfielder Enjiaduo back injury, Quebingshaoqiang situation greatly ease. Welcome back to the main force after the overall strength of Bastia than the battle will obviously be promoted. However, in order to get the scores from the nice home court is still very difficult to cover, not only the strength and status of all TIA at a disadvantage, in style and nice grams, the Corsica team spirit is good, but the technology is too rough, in this season the French team with the most excellent, Adams, I am afraid it is difficult to avoid.相关的主题文章: