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Liyan Tong changed into the camp "dilemma" Air Force Fighter Training Effectiveness – Sohu is just entering the camp Liyan Tong Sohu entertainment entertainment news on Friday night, with high idol configuration, special forces "scenarios show" reality show "program element fresh real man 2" ushered in the second period. Eight Air Force recruits completed a new test, emergency set, live fire, pour down the strop…… Training, there is no lack of life fun. Liyan Tong recruits faded into the camp of the green, face the challenges whole-heartedly with surprising attitude, even in the helicopter downhill in a single hand, to achieve the perfect slip, handsome style. With the interaction between comrades, verse frequent, warm heart, a lot of the audience adorable contrast "the new cognition. The training of overweight eight recruits meet challenges Liyan Tong and his teammates in the true nature of "significant interaction among the real man 2" the first phase of the program, the eight rookie recruits officially opened the transformation man experience career, love not love attire uniform Liyan Tong makeup battle, fight every effort, the audience saw the huge energy burst of her weak body the. The "real man" set off a ratings boom, eight guests gradually faded into the camp just sentimental, heartfelt declaration of recruit people moving. After a series of hard training, they finally got the rank of private privilege, solemn investiture ceremony not only to recruit red eyes, moved in front of the TV audience. On a program to challenge the physical limits of Liyan Tong, in this program with teammates warm interaction, Huang Zitao was sent to do push ups, a "go slowly" show full of concern, "I blurted out", then let his teammates feeling strength; Yang Mi managed to slide down, repeatedly applauded for his teammates praise, sincere bless showing good feelings between bestie; Zhang blueheart up after Yang Mi "this is not a thing of encouragement, shouting" is about a ", increase the team confidence. This warm and intimate Liyan Tong, not only the fans shouted "Adorable cute", more let eat melon partner Huang Zitao praise good gentle". Liyan Tong of the incarnation of upright girl frequent training Air Force fighter training effort by contrast adorable look forward to the excitement of the impressive, eight guests came from the humor is more rapid spread on the internet. To monitor water to female sunscreen, Liyan Tong "sunscreen is cosmetics", a "pit" team suspects, some unexpected bursting point for the show; set the middle position vacated because "the monitor said to stand in the middle, upright girl show to stay adorable character and Sun Yang photo;" I am so black, only the soft self "since the bold black people point praise; dialogue instructors to ask for a reward, I want to call home, sincere look through a full look, girl full of sense. For intense training, Liyan Tong also candid face, compared to the previous episode "sit up at least, hit the bell push ups is zero and the gun before the roll position is not standard" and other problems, the training effect, not only in the middle of the night for the shortest time set by the instructors praise first, but also women prone shooting last fall the bullet, the helicopter drop cable is one hand perfectly. PVT. Liyan Tong behind the remarkable progress, is an empirical exercise and hard, desperately niang.相关的主题文章: