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Magic "Cosplay": students "invisibility" amazing circle of friends last night, my circle of friends is a group of "invisibility" pictures scraper, quickly with the surrounding environment "integrated", so users refer to fun". This is from the Communication University of China (scores, professional settings) students Guangzhou Institute of animation community, play on a screen comedy show in creative. Club president Teng Siru told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, during the summer vacation for this moment after a month, after many failures and setbacks, until successful people begin to mention the throat heart put down. Amazing transfiguration Guo Degang can not help but to experience a "from the student’s program has been too ox. Nanning guangzhou!" Circle of friends so many users praise their work, indeed, when the show presented in front of the judges Guo Degang, Song Dandan and Feng Xiaogang, they also stare at the scene before the big eyes. Two thieves wearing a black night clothes, ready to dive into a building inspections of the crime, the police came in, but they see in the yellow wall on the wall, and instantly blend into the background, painting, bonsai, bookcase can easily "Cosplay", like a chameleon like. The two thieves played a cat and mouse game with the police". The third change, appeared "breathtaking" scene, a thief in the vault before the perfect "stealth", another thief of the lower limbs are before follow the environmental change, revealing a large flower pants, so he took the wit of the Van Gogh "Star" block, the magic is that the paintings also face the moment". Finally, the two thief wits, hid in the safe, caught by the police, the "The Legendary Swordsman" banners change into "qingjunruweng", the whole show the effect is quite amazing. In fact, the students in the "The Legendary Swordsman" debut "thirteen month Guangzhou animation community residence" scene also revealed the secret of "change". Like Guo Degang ridicule, behind a large group of girls waiting to pick up clothes, the original, there is a stage on the stage, behind a group of people in the busy. In fact, the mysterious clothing props and the perfect combination of wall cracks. Guo Degang also personally experience a special "change clothes" no buttons, are adhesive wear and stand against the wall, backstage buddies through the cracks in the wall with both hands grabbed his clothes ripped off, instantly turned". "Because it is conjoined clothes, so a person can be completed independently, if there is a hat, then you need more than one hand," said the president Teng Teng said, in fact, the secret is stable quasi ruthless"! Behind the hardships of success, after numerous trials and failures on micro-blog, they recalled the hardships behind the show. Now the audience see the stage background on the celebrity calligraphy and painting, shelves has quite rich, but the original idea is more luxurious". Teng thought, such as the Yangtze Evening News reporter said, in fact, they wanted to create a museum wonderful night, but unfortunately, due to busy preparing for the exam, the final regret did not achieve. "At the end of June, on the streets of Shanghai, the cicadas in the tree, like a chorus continuous nuclear explosion, with several senior buddy should be invited from Nanjing arrived in Shanghai to name)相关的主题文章: