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Home-and-Family By making your very own, personal homemade survival kit, you will be assured of having everything you need in there. Some folks prefer to simply buy a ready made survival kit and then personalize it. By having a simple bugout bag checklist you will be able to take out of a ‘ready made kit’ what you don’t need and replace it with your own survival items. For instance, if you live in the Southern part of the states, there may not be much need for mylar blankets or winter type survival things, but you may want to add tons of bug spray! Just for an example… 🙂 Imagine yourself in several scenarios to help you figure out what to add to a homemade survival kit…. rioting in the streets…economical collapse.. flu epidemic… in most of these cases, you would want to have a 72 hour kit for sure but it would be better to have at least a 6 week plan. Close your eyes, sit back and mentally ‘live’ through each of those scenarios. As you do so, you will think of various items that you may not normally think of to add to your pack. Basic, basic survival kit list: It is not much more than about a 72 hour survival list for several people. 2 large garbage bags OR 10’x10′ sheet of plastic 100′ parachute cord Emergency mylar blanket Small metal pot (for cooking) Jello with sugar (NOT NUTRASWEET) Lighter or waterproof matches 2 stout candles Knife Whistle Compass Flashlight (small) Stocking cap Spare socks (double as mittens) Notice I did not add any survival weapons to the list. I do HIGHLY recommend adding at least one good survival knife to your pack. The knife is a MUST have in any homemade survival kit. It is very valuable in many survival situations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: