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Doing Your Own ‘haka’ For Health By: Chris Toal | Oct 15th 2015 – The Haka is a challenge issued by many tribes of the pacific islands. It has a deeply held and very treasured history for many pacific nations such as Tonga Fiji Samoa and New Zealand. To outside observers it can appear as just a choreographed tribal dance, and there is no doubt a well performed Haka can be a wonderful spec … Tags: Maori People, Traditions And Art By: Helena | Oct 4th 2011 – New Zealand is the land of fascinating cultures. The indigenous Maori are known for their long history, attractive art and original stories of all time. Tags: Your Words Create Your World So Throw Away The Dictionary By: Hirini Reedy | Jul 23rd 2007 – Our words define the way we see the world. You will use specific words that capture your feelings. They have specific meaning for you. Become aware of the power in your words. Freedom of speech lies in the choice of words that we use. Tags: 相关的主题文章: