” Mars brother ” Huachen Yu met ” Fei Yuqing Wang Duan ” Saimoe age diffe cashmere mafia

" Mars brother " Huachen Yu met " Fei Yuqing   Wang Duan " Saimoe age difference — Freemasonry people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn " Mars brother " Huachen Yu met " Fei Yuqing   Wang Duan " Saimoe age difference deserve each other. Source: people.com.cn – entertainment channel     15:38; October 14, 2016 people.com.cn October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Ai Wen) Oriental TV new large original music challenge program "sounds of nature" battle will be on the night of October 16th 21 o’clock premiere. In the program, four angels sing "Karen Mok, Fei Yuqing, Yang Kun, Hua Chenyu will accept the music team, amateur music challenge. The youngest Mars brother Huachen Yu said "very honored to become a senior partner, team." Honored at the same time, he also from "Uncle Fei Yuqing" learned a variety of scripts. However, a variety of different music came to his hand a, in the program in the link adaptation of the song within 24 hours, but also feel a little pressure. Mars brother met Wang Duan, Saimoe age difference Freemasonry music as a small meat, though it was the first time and the other three angels sing "cooperation, several senior but are taking care of him. Live recording, Hua Chenyu each stage debut concert, Fei Yuqing will listen carefully, often nodded appreciation. In fact, humble Hua Chenyu also often to Fei Yuqing for musical skills, learn skills, he also affectionately called "little brother" Uncle "fee". Mars brother Huachen Yu in the "evergreen" Fei Yuqing, although has the most adorable age difference, but the music is to let them have a common language. Hua Chenyu praised the song of Fei Yuqing, go is different from the shock, the explosive force of the ordinary game routines, but the need for goods, there is a strong artistic level of songs." Hua Chenyu in the background also often imitate "fee uncle" standard "look to the distant singing posture, learning" fee uncle Satin hand skill. "Freemasonry two people together, is always full of laughter. Although never before contact with the other three predecessors, but in the "battle" for the first time Teana cooperation, brilliance parity predecessors are very good, very good, have a strong musical accomplishment. Always love the Huachen Yu and Karen Mok on the same stage, happily said, just before the concert sing songs of Karen Mok and Karen reality really lovely." Mention Yang Kun, Hua Chenyu praised the "elder brother" is a big brother style, special care of younger generation. 24 hours a little pressure personally adapted inside each show, Hua Chenyu always immersed, enjoy music. But in the "voice" battle, facing the task of adaptation of the song 24 hours, Hua Chenyu jokes that his heart is still little pressure". In the original program, people will give "Teana sing" proposition songs, let them in 24 hours of adaptation, and singing on stage play. Our "Teana sing" selected song both for having heard it many times pop songs, and staggering the Divine Comedy)相关的主题文章: