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To understand meditation & consciousness you first have to take a good honest look at the mind. The source of all problems is the mind. Thoughts arise in consciousness, you identify with the thoughts arising and that defines your experience. This is the mind. It is your identification with the thoughts arising. So many thoughts arise without you even knowing it. So many worries and troubles constantly arising and repeating and although you are not conscious of them, you are identified with them. You are identified with the stress of the thoughts, the conflict of the thoughts and so that is your experience. Let’s say you have to get your toilet fixed. You know you have to get your toilet fixed. But the thought repeats itself over and over in your mind as conflict until you resolve it. The thought sits on your shoulders like a hundred pound weight telling you life is not the way it is supposed to be until the toilet is fixed and only then it goes away. And then the plumber says "I can’t .e until next Wednesday" and that hurts because you know you will have to carry around that thought, that conflict of "I have to get the toilet fixed for another week. And there are thousands of thoughts just like that arising so fast! Toilet fixed, dentist appointment late on rent, your high school sweetheart dumped you for the school bully. You wake up in the morning from a state of deep peace and freedom from all identity and boom, the mind looks for something to identify with and there’s the broken toilet, the rent bill, the high school sweetheart and the bully and a thousand others within seconds. And that’s who you think you are that is how you perceive life. Whatever thoughts arise, that is your experience. Sure you get the good thoughts too but then that creates conflict and stress. You want one thought over the other; one experience over the other. And so the remedy in meditation is not to try and have one thought over the other, but to stop the identification with thinking all together. Whether through witnessing thoughts or placing your attention on the experience of consciousness that is here beyond thinking, it is to break that addiction to identifying with thoughts and rest as your natural state as consciousness. To stop allowing thoughts to dictate your experience and instead discover in meditation what is truly here beyond the thinking. To realize your natural state. Because your natural state is consciousness and the experience of consciousness is love, is peace, is bliss. Not some emotional experience on the surface but every cell of existence vibrating as bliss. And if you can taste that once in meditation, then you can do it twice. Then you can rest in your natural state for longer periods of time before being pulled back into thinking. And eventually, the duality between thoughts and peace ceases to exist in meditation. You begin to experience thoughts as energy, as consciousness itself. You experience the very nature of thought itself which is unconditional bliss. It’s like you stop being involved with the lyrics to the song and just enjoy the music. The bliss of the music. The toilet still needs to be fixed but you’re no longer wearing it as a hat. It no longer defines you. You exist .pletely free of it as unconditional peace. The key is to learn to witness the thoughts, not identify with them. An easy way to experience this state of unconditional peace is by listening to unique meditation CD that automatically awakens you to your natural state of peace. Check out the Kundalini Awakening CD link below for more information and free samples. 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