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Method 007: the same shark refused when the successor generation actor Daniel Michael refused to play difficult over – Fassbinder 007 in a corner of the Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the latest episode of the 007 film "007:" devil four V (Spectre) days before the special movie accolades, and the protagonist Daniel – Craig (Daniel Craig) to don’t want to continue to do the "007 bond" in a corner, let outsiders have speculated a successor who is. The "magneto" Michael – Fassbinder (Michael Fassbender) is most often named as a popular candidate, he also took a role in whether the day before "007" spy in a corner of the response. Michael Fassbinder – the "GQ" in an interview that he never acted in 007, because he believes that the next Pound, should be different from the last any style, "he admitted from the acting point of view, Daniel had 40 years on the Bond act is very prominent. The same generation actor is very difficult to go beyond the." Asked who would be more suitable for the connection to play a new bond, Michael – Fassbinder said: "I think we should find a 20 years old, although I think the state should be a British, but if Americans do, should not be too conflict, even if a girl is also very suitable." However, he believes that the final candidates will not be those of the highest voice of the successor". ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: