Millet mix first sale why want to make an appointment Official anti Yellow Cattle plustek

Millet MIX first sale why want to make an appointment? Official: the cattle acquired, millet MIX will be on sale for the first time, tomorrow afternoon, MIX millet millet home from mentioning the reservation channel will be officially opened. In this regard, there are a lot of friends who are wondering, in fact, queuing to buy more reasonable. In this regard, Zhang Jianhui, vice president of millet network gives a response. Zhang Jianhui said, in fact, every time there will be a lot of rice millet sale in the early hours of the morning to the front line, millet is both happy and worried, after all, many places are now very cold. So in order to ensure the safety of everyone, only to choose the way to shop after the reservation. In the next period of time we will also sell millet and millet Note2 through this form MIX. In addition, the number of Public Appointments also has a benefit, that is, anti cattle. Millet plus identity recognition system, one Taiwan, can not buy, bought can not buy, buy when I need to store the. Zhang Jianhui said, in the limit a lot, in fact or in order to let more Rice noodles most quickly buy mobile phone, I hope you can understand why millet does not line up on sale. (fast technology)相关的主题文章: