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Nanjing City Ming scattered collection Chengzhuan highest award of up to $2000 – Sohu culture channel expert hands out of bricks very gratified. Xinhua newspaper reporter Song Jiao photo visual center this year is the 650 anniversary of founding of Nanjing city wall, Nanjing has established a special fund for the protection of the wall in collaboration with social forces, to protect the city wall of Nanjing. Yesterday, the Nanjing city wall protection fund will be held since the establishment of the first public welfare activity: now provide scattered Ming city wall or effective clues to the public, will receive varying amounts of reward. Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Ke Nanjing city wall built, mobilized 152 counties in 5 provinces, a total of 280 thousand migrant workers, the number of firing up to 350 million pieces of brick walls. Because of the history of war and other reasons, the city wall of Nanjing was destroyed several times, many out of bricks scattered in the city of Nanjing. According to reports, the Nanjing city wall protection and management center has been collecting scattered out of bricks, only a year in 2015 on the recovery of more than 80 thousand. At present, the center of the old city brick in 300 thousand or so, for long-term maintenance is not enough. "The reason why we should recycle bricks, in addition to a small portion for display, research, the vast majority of Chengzhuan are for future wall repair, back to where they belong." Cao Fangqing, deputy director of Nanjing city wall protection management center. In order to further intensify efforts to protect and organize to collect the scattered bricks, the center city wall of Nanjing conservation fund, decided to provide the Ming City Wall scattered clues to the public, give cash awards, the highest award can reach 2000 yuan. At the same time, to provide the Ming city wall of the public donation scattered, but also give some encouragement. It is reported that the local enterprises in Nanjing Yincheng group, donated 100 thousand yuan for the Ming City Wall scattered collection and sorting, and to provide clues to the public of the brick walls scattered cash rewards. Hotline: (025), 83370272, 83211537.相关的主题文章: