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National civil service examination from the registration of   Hubei recruit 892 people – Hubei Channel – People’s original title: national civil service examination from 2017 national civil service exam officially launched yesterday. This offer a total of more than and 120 institutions directly under the central authority and its units and participate in the management of the civil service law, plan Zhaolu of more than 2.7 people, the number of recruiting was essentially flat with last year, Hubei area of 551 jobs Zhaolu 892 people, including Wuhan recruiting 140 positions and 212. This year there are many new changes in the country than in previous years. The analysis of Hubei Hua education experts, this year the number of test object has the grass-roots work experience increased from 10% to 15%, which would allow more service expires, assessment of qualified college-graduate village official, "three help" plan, "rural compulsory education school teachers ad hoc jobs plan, GWP and other grass-roots project personnel into the post office; the lingua franca position this year added into Portuguese, 8 kinds of non language, learning a foreign language so that more candidates have entered the public service team; this year also added a police post in the announcement clearly required to participate in the professional examination subjects. According to the statistics of the public education data show that in 2017 the national civil service examination in Hubei recruited 552 jobs in a total of 892 people. The number of recruiting and 2016 (912) slightly decreased compared to. The Hubei State Taxation Bureau recruiting up to 297 jobs, 580 people, followed by the Wuhan Railway Public Security Bureau 38 jobs Zhaolu 75 people, third is the Yangtze River Maritime Bureau recruited 32 jobs 52. Major limitations showed a trend of tightening, not limited to professional jobs only recruiting 14 people, enrollment is also very small, most of the post professional explicit limit. Which is the largest recruiting economics major, reached 373, followed by the accounting professional, reached 351 people, third is journalism, up to 155 people. In the past, the more popular law and computer professionals are about 100 people. From the academic level, recruiting most is the bachelor degree, recruiting 730 people. The least is a graduate student (only doctor), recruiting only 22 people. Undergraduate degree is still the most favored level in most departments. It is reported that the main candidates to take the network registration, registration time is from October 15, 2016 to 24. Public subject written examination is scheduled to be held in November 27, 2016 in the capital cities of the country, autonomous regions, municipalities and municipalities. In mid January 2017 announced the written exam, interview work completed before the end of March, before the end of April to complete physical examination. (reporter Zhang Ge) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: