Net exposure Lin Dan in Chengdu about one night gun repeatedly (video)-aspack

Derailed during the Lin Dan net exposure in Chengdu about a night on the morning of 18 guns repeatedly traced Lin Dan after his wife Xie Xingfang pregnant, the media also exposed Lin Dan with the mysterious woman in a hotel in Foshan cuddle to touch the buttocks of the video, the masses eat melon stunned. The news was exposed, users will soon have discovered the mysterious woman named Zhao Yaqi, is a young model. Then Lin Dan sound admitted that derailed, family members said sorry. However, there are insiders to the all star exclusive exploration: in addition to the burst Mengliao Zhao Yaqi, Lin Dan and several people derailed object. Another user said on all star Lin Dan camp in Chengdu, and a divorced woman met in a family dinner and become "friends", the user also exposed many details, called Lin Dan "the train in the morning, noon meal time also hit out," the woman asks Lin Dan "so as not to delay the training. Don’t hesitate to do", lying foot Lin Dan said "go back to drink a cup of good protein powder". Broke the news also said Lin Dan is not afraid of exposure, and the woman to go to the cinema is a hotel. The bid also particularly explicit description of Lin Dan "is a large living a good night several times, also exposed Lin Dan has said that he is very strong very overbearing wife. In addition to the above several, and all star on the user said last year Lin Dan had bought a Cartire watch, second days is a beautiful Chengdu kawaoto girl went to the store asked for table, and this girl had to show off: "this is the table Lin Dan yesterday to buy, send me." See the concert with a girl, go to the training camp in Chengdu also want to find a girl, a girl bought a table, and to "sister classmate" to buy a house…… If these revelations come true, that Lin Dan’s private life has exceeded the confusion degree of small imagination (extended video this video has nothing to do with the original, for reference only) with his wife Xie Xingfang Lin Dan net exposure during pregnancy derailed, with a mysterious woman touching hotel!

网曝林丹曾在成都约炮 一晚多次 18日上午林丹被曝在妻子谢杏芳怀孕期间出轨,媒体还曝出了林丹与神秘女在佛山某酒店亲昵拥抱摸臀的视频,惊呆一众吃瓜群众。新闻被曝出后,很快就有网友曝出神秘女名叫赵雅淇,是个嫩模。随后林丹发声承认出轨,称对不起家人。然而又有知情人向全明星探独家爆猛料:除了这位赵雅淇,林丹的出轨对象还有好几人。另一位全明星探用户称林丹在成都集训时,和一位离异女子在家宴上相识并成为“炮友”,该用户还曝出许多细节,称林丹“早上训练了,中午吃饭时间还出来打一炮”,女方问林丹“这样不耽误训练么,不会脚趴手软么”,林丹则说“回去喝一杯蛋白粉就好了”。 爆料人还表示林丹不怕曝光,和女方看电影去酒店都是一前一后。这位爆料人还特别露骨地描述林丹“器大活好一晚上好几次”,还曝林丹曾说他老婆很强势很霸道。除了上面几位,还有全明星探用户称去年林丹曾买了一块卡地亚表,第二天却是一个漂亮的成都川音女孩去店里要求换表,而且这个女孩还曾炫耀:“这就是昨天林丹来买的那个表,送我的。”看演唱会带一位姑娘,去成都集训也要找个姑娘,给一个姑娘买了块表,又给“姐姐的同学”买房子……如果这些爆料都属实,那林丹私生活的混乱程度已经超出了小编的想象了扩展视频(本视频与原文无关,仅作参考) 网曝林丹在妻子谢杏芳孕期出轨,与神秘女子酒店缠绵!相关的主题文章: