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Network anchor pseudo Charity: the money was traced back to the child, wipe the face of mud – public channel Chengdu daily November 6th reported recently, a video circulated on the Internet, a breakdown of the greater Liangshan area a pseudo charity volunteer group "penetrator". In the video, two men in the fast broadcast platform broadcast live on charity, arrange a Liangshan village stood in two rows, then send money to the villagers live, and live after, these people from the villagers get the money back. After the event, the money man admitted that the first money to shoot the video, and then take back after the film, really is their own, the purpose is to increase the number of fans and watch the amount, so that fans and more gift brush". Ironically, this man is the first in the fast broadcast secret pseudo charity "flag bearer", however, was his secret object in the counterattack, resorted to the killer, released a secretly recorded video. In fact, the first money and then return to the pseudo charity is not the same. After the webcast rise more than under the name of charity to Liangshan "volunteers", actually engaged in charity enrichment activities. "This is the" general rule – Charity ring ", live on charity hot search list, fans rose faster, with the fans, has everything." In the pseudo charity storm anchor "fast Jie brother said. [] to send money to live video exposure after shooting back again: after the parties acknowledge that money back up only for powder "pseudo charity" anchor "fast Jie brother" will be issued to the villagers money back after the broadcast, anchor "fast Jie brother said to send money to the villagers spread in the network video, become a strong evidence of a part of" volunteers "pseudo charity. In the video, a man in a black shirt left the screen and said, "I’ll give you something."……" Behind him, another man from a group of young and old hands back a stack of hundred dollar bills. Then handed to the black man, the man in black, while buried a few money, while greeting, take things kazakhstan." Put the money in the bag, and then shouted, continue to shoot, lined up, lined up, we continue to shoot!" A group of children around the car trunk to get something. This period corresponds with the spread of Internet video, is another video, the same place, the same group of people, the black man standing on the side of the elderly and children, hand waving a stack of RMB, "you are black powder, iron powder, I must do what my brother Jie said, should be the answer 30 thousand dollars all out…… To the village’s 15 poorest families, $2000 per person." The black man in the finish lines, the money will be one by one handed the hands behind the villagers. The money on the same day, the black man rented a pedestrian local passenger transport company from Changan car license plate information can be seen, this is a Liangshan Zhaojue County car, reporter then contacted the owner, he said he was just the county passenger transportation center driver, car rental, car rental time before some people go to the village that is not the money, he was not sure. Through the investigation, the reporter learned that the video money man is a deft anchor live in".相关的主题文章: